Abbey life: never a dull moment.

So life has been kind of mundane lately; school and work blended together with a few precious nuggets of Abbey time and hanging out with other friends. However, I’ve recently come to appreciate where I live – where else would you randomly end up with a new roommate for a short period of time, or plunder frozen goods from a Holiday trash can after a power outage, or get together 6 – 10 friends for at least one meal together a week?
I have to say though, a few incidents in particular at The Abbey have made me chuckle lately. There’s the always popular occurrence of, when I’m out grocery shopping with one of the boys, someone asks me if we’re dating (or asks some question about Tristan or Karis, Lucy, and Ethan) and there’s the awkward moment where I either say “nononono. no.” or blush and say something to the effect of “umm…those aren’t my kids. We’re not together.”

Yet among all of the other classic moments, I think my new all time favorite moment happened today. After an awkward moment when I was helping cook dinner and realized that I had started my period and darted off to the bathroom, when I came back randomly Kenny began asking questions about periods. How does it feel? Does it hurt? How do you know when it starts? Do you use tampons or pads? Are you light or heavy? Etc etc etc. I tried to edit a bit for him and use more semi-medical euphemisms so as not to scar him, but he seemed genuinely intrigued and wanted to know more.

And that’s what made it so epic.

That tis all for now. Must go clean up our mess in the kitchen and turn in for the night.


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