Summer is my favorite season

I’d intended to be all hip and nifty, posting a blog about some of my recent creative endeavors and posting pictures, but my camera memory card reader has disappeared. After a week of putting it off, I’m just giving it up.

In more important news, today was my last day of school. As such, cue the nostalgic/optimistic/type-A goal setting blog…

When I was young, I used to be home schooled. I always wanted to go to a “real” school and imagined that I would study like crazy and know everything I possibly could about every subject I studied. Well, a couple of years of that got me pretty burnt out, and then I wished I was back at home – not being held back by other people when I had to work in a group, working at my own pace, having free time – it all sounded wonderful.
So, starting in high school I made myself goals for the summer, like my own home school that only lasted a couple months. Of course, there were always far too many for me to do and I was always disheartened at the end of the summer, which was the opposite of what I had hoped to achieve. For the last three or four summers, I’ve given up on the idea.

I’m trying to revive the practice, since I do believe in goal setting, but hopefully I can set my goals better this time. I’ve organized them into categories that I think are truly important, and have divided them up with concise and exact “mini-goals” instead of vague “exercise more”, “eat better”, “read” or all those other vague goals I’ve given myself before, and hopefully these are realistic – I’ve toned them down, since I tend to go the route of “oh I have all summer, of course I can become a great painter, get into perfect shape, and remove all of my bad habits!”.
So, in no particular order:

Creativity: paint something with the rest of my canvas, find something to sew or otherwise create with my fabric, finish my quilt, knit or crochet a complex garment (i.e. not just a hat or scarf), doodle something (even something silly like an equation explaining immaculate conception) once a day, and create 2 or three necklaces, bracelets, and pairs of earrings.

Relationships: visit Ruth, Esther and Naomi at least once each, call my parents, grandparents, and sisters at least every six weeks, strengthen relationships outside of the Abbey (both with some old friends, as well as continued networking outside of my old high school clique).

Intellectual: Spend at least 45 minutes a day catching up with news and current events, read at least three books a month, with at least one not being “fluff” reading, spend no more than an hour watching TV a day, and prepare for upcoming CSET exams.

Physical: exercise 3 to 4 days a week, with a mixture of aerobic exercise, strength training, and stretching, only eat out for a maximum of two meals a week, and cook my own food (as in not frozen food) at least half of the time.


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