New eyes to old faces

Aha! Barely a few days into summer, and already one of my goals taken care of. I visited Ruth for several days, which was really enjoyable. I was nervous about the drive, but it wasn’t bad (though the lack of a shoulder on I-80 freaked me out a couple times – I have a small car, but not THAT small!) and, especially as I got closer to Sparks, it was absolutely beautiful.

I think part of what struck me about my visit was that my sister really lives out a lot of what I hope to, and not because she’s in some crazy group of kids or has an Abbot to keep her in line but instead just…because she thinks that it is the right way to live. As a whole, she lives a relatively simplistic lifestyle; she is almost never on her computer, and instead works in her garden, sews, quilts, cooks, and enjoys time with her husband. She takes her dog for long walks, and during the summer when she has a lot of extra time (she is a teacher, as I am looking to be) she walks around the beautiful Sparks marina instead of, as she put it,  “buying useless stuff she doesn’t need”.  That struck me a lot – it’s one thing to be in my tiny little town and have nothing to do other than go for walks (which, admittedly, I don’t do – usually I’m parked in front of my laptop) but to be in a much, much larger city with lots of stores, restaurants, movie theaters,  and have two solid incomes with money in the bank, yet decide to wander around your community and plant a garden.

I think I have underestimated my sister, by a lot.

One of the aspects of her lifestyle that I respected the most was that she has a fairly stable routine yet somehow manages to barely glance at the clock. I think I need to work on my own routine, especially since it’s summer and I have very few daily responsibilities. I have a few ideas – I think I’ll try them out and get back to you.


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