Baby steps

My new summer routine is working out decently so far – it takes some acclimation to start getting up early again and, even harder, go for a brisk walk for about an hour every morning. The rest of my routine I enjoy greatly, taking the morning for devotions, catching up on world news, and doing my work (both physical and Abbey related) and taking the early afternoon for artistic pursuits. This leaves the evening hours for Abbey events, relational time, or continuing projects begun earlier in the day. I may be being optimistic, but it feels monastic in nature, and given my living arrangement, that’s always good. =)

The hardest part is definitely the walking. But, after stepping on a scale for the first time in months yesterday, I discovered that I am 15 pounds over my “chubby weight”, and the realization that I have gained 35 pounds in 3 years. I like to think I’m not a slave to the scale, but the number on that scale reflects pretty aptly how I feel about my body.

This definitely needs to change. My legs still hurt a bit, even though my walk was done at 8 this morning, but the ache comes with a small little sense of accomplishment – I’m at least moving the right direction, even if just slowly.


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