My Sabbath and Post-Noviciate Check In

Yesterday was a good day. I finally had my check-in, which by this point I had psyched myself out about horribly, but went much better than I expected (I think it conjured images of my work reviews, which always felt unfair and biased – this, thankfully, did not). It gave me some encouragement about what I’ve been doing well, and gave me specific reasonable goals to work toward. That was definitely a relief.

My sabbath served its purpose very well, I feel much more relaxed and ready to take on the next week. I’m still kinda sick and I sound pretty crappy, but I feel better and I think that’s an improvement. Also, since I’m sick I won’t be allowed anywhere near the Friday’s for Lunch preparations, which I usually do on Friday mornings, so I can spend some of that time chipping away at my hour-a-day of work to earn my rent. I got in half an hour yesterday with correspondence with Garth and Barb about art classes, and would make some phone calls today for that except that at this point I sound vaguely like a frog. Hm. Maybe that’ll clear up at some point. Ah well, looks like painting and removing tape for me.

In case you haven’t noticed, I changed my blog title. I was never really happy with my original name, just kind of stuck it there so it wasn’t blank. After trying to think of clever names (especially those involving monks) I decided just to find something in Latin that I liked and that applied. Following a trend, yes, but I still like it. I chose this name because it reflects what I think is a huge difference between my life in the Abbey and what it would be like without it – a lot of my old friends try to rush through life, keep themselves busy, and never take time to take a break or become more self aware. In no other area of my life am I challenged to actually be a better person, understand my weaknesses and work on minimizing them, and find my strengths and passions and use them to the best of my abilities. By “dare to know”, I mean daring to know, understand, and challenge myself.

At this point, I need to go get my daily silence done – one of those weaknesses I just mentioned. Here’s to small steps!


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