The Family

Last night was my big family catch up night; I facebooked back and forth with my mom (how weird does that sound?) and spent an hour and a half or so on the phone with both my dad and Ruth. My dad and I have our issues, but especially lately we’ve been able to navigate around incendiary topics and fare decently well. It may not be a deep heart to heart, but it’s still better than our communication was when I was still living with my parents.

Ruth and caught up for the first time since my visit, planned presents for our parents for birthdays and Father’s Day, and worried over the state of our parents (as has become habitual during just about any conversation with at least two of us present). On the bright side, it sounds like she’ll be visiting in about a month, and I’m planning a sister date day for her. The date day she had with me in Sparks consisted of shopping for walking shoes and sewing supplies, catching a movie, having all-you-can-eat sushi, and desert at a place best described by my other sister, Esther, as ” a place where cute boys bring you chocolate and don’t judge you.” I’m not sure how to top that, and I don’t think she expects me to, but so far I see Thai food and pottery in our future. Other than that, I’m not sure what to do with her; it’s hard to suprise a native of this small town, and with the growing ruckus of dissent from all of my sisters about my choice to stay in town for the time being, I would very much like to find a few things to pleasantly surprise her.

June is a busy month for Boyds – not only Father’s Day, but the birthdays of both of my parents as well. My mom thankfully agreed to let me knit her something (tuition due in one week! eeep!) and she’s sweetly agreed to have me make this for her though she won’t need it for months.

For his birthday, my dad has asked for donations to the Jesus Center, which is a very cool idea. For Father’s Day, I’ve coerced family members into emailing me old pictures, and I’m making him a scrapbook picture holder for those pictures out of stationary, glue, tape and a whole lot of luck.

It is nice to go through old pictures, though. I still need to nag Ruth to send me a picture I found on her computer of Dad at Christmas one year, opened box on his head and an insane look on his face. It’s a look I’ve seen many times. I’m lucky to have iPhoto – with a few clicks and sliders, I’ve remade a couple simple family photos to look decently nice. This one’s my favorite, by far:


Followed closely by this one


(strange facial expressions are a very definite Boyd genetic trait, evidenced not only by the males but also the women)

Ruth 011That’s about all the family silliness I have room for. I still have a scarf and a scrapbook to make, and only, you know, my entire sabbath to do it. 😉


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