If only W.I.P. required less Work and had more Progress

It’s finally happening. After weeks, months, our living room is beginning to border on a decent place to actually…you know, live.

The tape is coming off, the lines between different colored paint is getting crisp and sharp, and now it’s a matter of working on the details, rather than huge blotches of color.

It really struck me today, as Josh moved in his bookcase in preparation for making one of the corners his office. Just in that one little corner, with the bookcase and our big comfy chair, it looked like a place I can enjoy spending my time. Hopefully I can snag some space for Heather and my art supplies, maybe a table for our sewing and painting. I would quite enjoy that, really.

Also, I look forward to looking up at the rafter and the beautiful color it’s being painted. Okay, okay, so I’m biased – I’m the one painting it – but still, somehow it ended up being almost the exact shade of my favorite color. I don’t know who chose that color, but they have my gratitude.

I’ve lived in the Abbey for 8 months. It’s felt like home for almost that long. And now finally, finally, it will actually look like a home.

And I can stop banging my shins against the ladder trying to move it underneath the rafter!


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