Quick Update

These last few days have gone really quickly. I haven’t posted in a few days, mostly because…well, nothing has really seemed like a decent topic. The living room construction is still chugging along, our Friday meal went beautifully, and my vocational art classes are shaping up to hopefully start next week. Last night was a little weird, Kenny was away for a full day. Before, I was weirded out because it was so quiet, but this time I felt very vulnerable and unprotected. Granted, Josh, Summer, Jason and Julissa are about fifty feet away, but I was a little uncomfortable still.

I can’t tell for sure what caused the change, but I have a decent guess. Recently, Israel was seen around the property again without permission. Kenny gave me a pretty stern warning to make sure that I didn’t run into him when I was alone, and I had a nightmare based on that idea a couple nights later. Two days ago, I saw a guy cutting through behind our rooms again. I wouldn’t say that I feel unsafe around here, but not having a guaranteed protection around exacerbates the unease (and here just a few blog posts ago I was mocking sexism). It’s a pretty safe neighborhood, and it’s all in my head, but with Kenny leaving tomorrow for a week it’s something I’ll have to deal with.

That’s about it for now. I’m trying to get my butt up early to go for a walk again – I’ve been finding excuses to not do it, and I really need to start it back up. It’s late (early) and I’m tired. And there ends my update.


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