Dun dundundun…

DONE! Ha ha! The painting of the conference room is done. D-o-n-e. Okay, okay, so there’s still the very tip top of the rafter to do and a couple smudges, but since I’m a pansy and scared of heights that responsibility falls to Josh or Kenny. So then let’s say that all portions of the painting that I’m responsible for and capable of completing are finished.

The last few days have been interesting. Kenny has been gone, but between figuring out my AC unit, spending nights with Heather, Alex, or the rest of the Abbey, and trying to get painting done, I haven’t really had time to get freaked out at night. Of course, I notice that he’s not around, but it doesn’t bother me. Go figure – he’s not around for one night and I’m weirded out, but a week is no big deal =P

Also, I’ve been feeling very…domestic? I’m not sure if that’s the word for it. I think it’s something about watching on Facebook and hearing about people going out partying and all the drama that’s been happening with the ol’ high school friends, and knowing that I have chores, painting, sewing, and knitting to do – and being perfectly content with that. It’s an interesting feeling. Especially as the Abbey starts to come into a phase where we can hang out and talk without it having to be “meeting time” and we increasingly feel like family, the actual place of the Abbey becomes more and more like home – I want to be here.

Now just watch, I’m going to become a hermit. Wasn’t it my last blog where I said I need to get out more? This is why. When I can watch a movie or make dinner or any other small little activity with anyone from the Abbey or our extending network of friends, the thought of exchanging that to go out and drink until I pass out with my course link isn’t super appealing. I think this has ruined me for finding many friends my own age.

I must seem pretty stuck up, uptight, and/or boring to the people I graduated with. I can live with that, there are much worse things in this world.

For the time being, I am content. I’m sure I’ll find something to get worked up about soon, but for now I’m enjoying the peace.


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