Pleasantly Surprised

So, I don’t know if I’ve actually said it before, but my vocation in the Abbey focuses on youth (tying into my ongoing teaching education) and art (one of my hobbies). As a way to tie these together, I’ve been putting together summer art classes with the help of our associate members, an older couple with a very strong art background, and with the promise of getting a couple Abbey folk to come and help out, even if it’s just by showing up.

Our first class is this Wednesday. I happened to run into the pastor of the local Episcopal church and she, being the rockin’ awesome lady that she is, sent out an email, posted a flyer, and generally referred people to what I’m doing. With the exception of Summer and Joshua’s kids and Brent, all of the people calling/emailing to reserve spots have been because of Pastor Ann. I definitely need to give her a big thank you! Realizing that we were planning on having 10-12 kids tops, and we already have 9 coming (not including Summer, Heather, Ethan, Karis, and any other folk who may drop in without giving advance notice) I’m already pretty psyched. I expect the first couple times to be a bit rough, but hopefully we can get it running smoothly after a few times.

But an interesting idea has been coming to mind in the last several days; since the painting has been completed (and it really is all done now), and prepping stuff for the art class does not take that long, how do I get in my hour or so of work a day? Also on the mind is how to manage my vocation when I get back into school in the fall; this semester is my nasty semester. It has the illusion of being nice – “Yay! Teacher classes! The stuff I’ve been learning might actually feel applicable now! And it’s only 15 units!” But, unfortunately, it comes loaded with lots of mandatory hours outside class. If I remember correctly, it’s 12 hours with an ESL student, and 30 hours in a classroom, which evens out to about 3 hours a week of outside work. And I have to learn to play nice with my course link, a group of girls who epitomize just about everything I dislike about college kids.

My old self might’ve thought “pffft, I can do that! I’ll even add a couple more classes!” buuuuut…I’ve been learning that’s not the way to do it. Getting through college fast won’t do me any good if I’m fried (it also helps put down any temptations that there are no more applicable classes I can take that fit into my schedule).

While I was originally thrown off by this – I realize I’ve gotten off track here, so by “this” I mean the idea of finding a new way to do my vocation – I’m actually kind of intrigued now. Whether or not I’m able to continue art classes (which, I must say, feels strange to say when I haven’t even started them), I think things will work out. It’s likely that if I get my shit together I can keep them up – for me, being “organized” during the summer is much different than being organized during the school year – because I realize that if I don’t have time for an hour a day of something, that means I’m either working myself too hard or goofing off too much. If I decide to try a different avenue, well, I get to experiment and come up with something else to do.

And, on a completely unrelated note, it’s been pointed out that my blog stands in pretty stark contrast to Heather’s recent blogs. After talking to her a bit, I think I may be able to find something in the middle.

I may not be antisocial after all. 🙂


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  1. NonCharon
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 12:57:02

    If you two become too similar then one of you will become unnecessary and we’ll sell you on the black market for lottery money.

    Homogenity is not only boring it is dysfunctional and at times dangerous. If you have had the prerequiste biology courses, think of the benefits of genetic diversity in a population. The same principle works in issues being dealt with by a community. If you wanna get all biblical up in da’ house, you might try Paul’s talk of many members, one body in 1 Cor. 12.

    There is not *a* way to be healthy and whole. There are *ways* to be healthy and whole. Trick is to get them to work in harmony with each other.

    If I ever become significantly like your fearless leader, please take me out and shoot me. One of us has become unnecessary and he has kids to raise. 🙂


  2. aisle4b
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 13:30:21

    Hmm, I had thought you would sell one of us for coffee.

    For the record, I had meant in the middle as somewhere between where I’ve been before, where I’m at now, and where Heather is. I’ve been trying to not make a false dichotomy out of it, assuming that my outside relationships are either/or situations.


  3. NonCharon
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 13:57:53

    Like we’re gonna be able to get much coffee for what we could get for you… Ah, but if we won the lottery the coffeefest would begin!

    Good enough. Just don’t drift too far towards where I am. I *am* antisocial. I don’t do crap with the people I work with, other than Jonathan. 🙂


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