Even while I’m writing this, I’m still trying to resize images. Grrr.

I’m a bit tired this morning. Instead of trying to find a way to string everything together, I’ll just give you some briefs:

Sometimes, you don’t realize what you’ve lost until you get it back. There’s been some relational issues in the Abbey lately, and even though I wasn’t particularly involved, having the issues be resolved and the tension lifted is a great feeling.

I’m increasingly irritated at Open Office, iPhoto and Google docs for not letting me do something as simple as resize an image easily. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? I’m still a Mac newb.

I’m also irritated that I couldn’t even find the on/off button on the copy machine yesterday (after grappling with my computer, I hoped the copy machine would be my easy way out to resize the images). Eventually I gave up under the guise of working out a different way to do it to avoid frustration, but honestly it was mostly because I felt ridiculously stupid.

The art classes are coming along nicely, and after our first time last Wednesday, we did some brainstorming and worked out a few things that needed to be changed. The unstructured, loose go-at-your-own-pace-and-choose-your-own-activity route didn’t work super well with younger kids (I was really hoping a few older ones would be there, but there was only one who actually met the age range I was going for), so I’m putting my teacher ed to use and writing up lesson plans and whatnot. It’ll be for the better, I think – both for me to get the practice, and for the kids to have a bit more guidance.

And I really do need the practice. I’ve got three semesters and counting before I start student teaching. Five semesters until I’m on my own. Oh sheesh. Now I’m all anxious.

I’ve been talking to a couple people I haven’t consistently hung out with in years. I think it’s good for me. I tend to think and act in “periods” – for instance, my homeschooled/junior high period, my high school period, my Abbey period. Not that I mean to degrade the value of any of these, but it weirds me out sometimes to get them intermingled. I think it’s partially (okay, mostly) because the memories from up until about junior year all embarrass me. I was a weird kid.

And, on that positive note, I need to type out my lesson plan so I make sure I buy everything I need for the day. I also need to get over myself and ask someone how to deal with my resizing issues. 🙂


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  1. NonCharon
    Jul 11, 2009 @ 12:20:15



  2. aisle4b
    Jul 11, 2009 @ 22:52:13

    Now, I’m a weird ADULT. Huge difference.


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