Ya rly!

So, I know my life may not be superbly exciting, but when an owl flies into your living room, it makes your day significantly more interesting. When that owl refuses to leave, it’s even better.

We ended up with the entire Abbey (minus Heather and plus Alex) in our living room. We debated making it the Abbey mascot, but it was turned down. After running into a wall and a window, flying back and forth across the room and kitchen, pooing several times, and refusing to be intimidated by light, sound, or objects being thrown at it, it was trapped in a blanket and taken outside. Even after it was let go, it sat there and looked at all of us, as if to say “What? WHAAAAAT? Sheesh you’re inhospitable!” (though I still think he was eyeing Joshua and thinking “dinner”).

It should be mentioned that, just before this happened, Alex and I were catching up on our memes at know your meme (yep, we’re nerds, though to my credit I recognized far fewer than him) and I had laughed hysterically at the o rly owl (after informing him that I had, indeed, used a lolcat in one of my posts). The first thing I whispered to Alex when we realized that it was an owl, not a bat, was:

Alex responded:

And together we chimed:

(though for the record, the owl looked more like the ya rly owl – hence the title of this blog)

That is all.

EDIT: Wait! Actually it’s not! Kings has two more episodes, maybe the actual last episode won’t be such a terrible last episode as Javelin.

For real, now, that is all.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Heather Mortis
    Jul 14, 2009 @ 14:28:00

    Ohhh, Thats awesome!!!! Sorry I couldn’t be there!!!


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