Fidgety Hands

This has been a pretty solid week. I’m coming to terms with some of my financial issues, I went out to the river with some Abbey folk and youth group kids (and my legs still hurt), caught up with my family – though most of the news wasn’t good, at least we’re all in contact now instead of hearing about these things months later – and, I finally finished the hat I’ve been knitting Heather for at least a month now. That’s what I get for not reading directions carefully enough, I think I’ve started that hat four times now!

I’ve been reading A New Kind of Christian, since Patrick kindly dropped it off for me. It explains a lot about what being postmodern means, which is helpful for me since I hear postmodern and emergent thrown around a lot but I’ve never really understood what they meant.

I’m preparing my last few art class lesson plans. I’m taking a break for my birthday and the start of school and may start them up again in the winter, but for now I only have two more weeks to go. In the spirit of working ahead, as opposed to the procrastination I’m apt to fall into, I tried working out some origami for next Saturday. My plan was to create my own directions, since some directions even with pictures are difficult for me to follow, so I don’t imagine an eight year old faring well with them. Apparently, Google’s definition of “easy” origami is a bit skewed – I was more than ready to throw something at the wall by the time I took a break. Randomly, however, I managed to get one of them to work – not by following the directions, but just by using my noggin. Go figure.

I’m getting into a habit that I’m not sure whether it is good or bad – or just neutral. When I finally buckled down to finish Heather’s hat, I watched tv while I was knittng. The pattern was simple, it didn’t take much effort, and it was boring to sit there and just knit. I know the tv usage probably wasn’t a great idea, since I’m already on my laptop too much as it is. But a funny thing happened last night – I brought up an episode of Torchwood, and instantly my fingers got fidgety. I needed something to do with my hands, and the lack of the familiar click swish click swish was disconcerting. So I turned it off and went to find something to paint.

Hello there, color mixing charts. Ruler and tape, it’s been awhile hasn’t it? Paint tubes, you’re all stuck closed tight – is this your way of trying to get me to spend time with you more? Don’t worry, we’re all old friends, it’ll be like we never parted ways!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heather Mortis
    Aug 01, 2009 @ 15:56:20

    Best blog post ever. You clever thing you. 😛


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