Cold, sick, and vaguely grumpy

It’s cold outside. I’m wearing a sweatshirt. It’s barely August! It is not okay for it to become winter before school even starts.

I hate winter.

Most of this week I’ve been in a fairly good mood, though my body has decided that it’s time for me to be sick. The “good mood” momentum was wearing off, and paired with a nasty nightmare, the cold weather, and an especially sick morning, I’m geting grumpy.

On Tuesday, I went out for coffee with Linda Burchett, the wife of my old youth pastor at Neighborhood. She’d been asking my mom about me, so I called her to see if we could catch up. Surprisingly, even though we’d been close, I was superbly nervous. It went well though, and I relaxed almost immediately. There were still a few moments though where I censored myself for the sake of good taste; we both shared some of our struggles, and I tried to delicately explain my aversion to all things Neighborhood-esque, whether it be members, worship style, terminology, etc. I realized that explaining the basic idea was okay, but it was really unneccessary and could’ve been hurtful to share details. There are just some things better left only thought and never spoken.

It was interesting to hear that even she, a pretty outgoing person, tends to shrink back when surrounded by people that seem more knowledgeable, as I’m notorious for doing during Abbey and coffee discussions. It made me feel better, knowing that other people struggle with it – then worse, because if even she couldn’t manage, how am I supposed to? There were a lot of emotions involved in the whole conversation, really.

I think it’s about time for me to get a shower and make some pancakes. Cold cereal will just not cut it this morning.


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