I found this on our table this afternoon, with a huge and lovely decorated envelope from my sister. My memory card reader is MIA, so I can’t show you the actual card, but it basically looks like this:

And, for any of you cynics (like Kenny) whose first thought is "That's really not loving you all that much", the inside says "*Hug shown is smaller than actual size"

Inside was a note that generally said hello and reminded me that as much as I fight it, she believes that it’s her job as one of my older sisters to help me out. She included two hefty gift cards for groceries, which I actually didn’t find for a few minutes. What I realized was that in comparison to the happiness that I got from getting a random kind thought from someone I care about, the groceries didn’t add that much more to it. It’s incredibly sweet of her, certainly. But I’m starting to really concentrate on the things that make me happy in life, and very few of them have a large monetary value put on them. We all know that money doesn’t make us happy, but I’m just now starting to actually believe it.

This made my day, and I’ve been incredibly less grumpy since finding it. They drive me nuts sometimes, but my older sisters (yes, all of them) rock.


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