Post-birthday Recap

Ahhh, the day after my birthday. Yesterday was a great birthday, much better than I expected it to be. I started getting birthday wishes at 1:00 am, and that continued on (thankfully, mostly electronically) until about 10:00 pm. Since I’m low on money, and also because it’s more fun, I made my own cake and made pizza dough for each person to make their own smaller pizza.

For most of the day it didn’t feel much at all like anything, just any other day. Unfortunately, I severely underestimated how long it would take me to get everything ready, and with the added stress of needing to remake frosting and frost both cakes again (due to a cooking error, I might have accidentally essentially frosted the cake with fudge the first time…) and a less-than-awesome turn out of my first batch of pizza dough (which actually tasted fine when I cooked it) I was starting to stress out a lot.

It worked out fine though, Kim cleaned the kitchen for me without even being asked, and chopped up all of the pizza toppings for me, and Summer (and partially Karis) helped me decorate and picked up instant pizza dough for me.

It was great to see the people that came to my party – a lot of them I haven’t hung out with in awhile. Interestingly, the most popular thing to get me was chocolate (it’s pretty easy to understand that logic) but…well, I try to not have a lot of temptations stored around here. Now everywhere I look is chocolate!

Even Alex dropped by, even though we’d already made arrangements to go out to dinner since I know he’s not a huge fan of some of the people that were there. Since a lot of people hadn’t seen him in a long time and he’s gotten taller and more muscular, it was fun to show him off a bit 🙂

It was a great day, but seriously, it took half an hour to start herding people out. Someone would say they were leaving, hug everyone, and then get caught in conversation again and the whole process would repeat with the whole group slowly moving towards the door and repeating the process even outside. Finally, when they were all stuck in front of the office (so close!) I yelled “goodnight!” and went and got changed into my pjs and brought out my toothbrush and whatnot to go to the bathroom. I felt like that was a pretty good hint at “I’m glad to see you and happy you came but for God’s sake please leave already!” (even then, Kenny and I had to shoo off the last three or four people).

Part of the fun now is celebrating my birthday another 4 times – today with the Abbey, tonight with my parents and grandparents, this week with Alex, and next weekend with my sisters. The plus side of having my family kind of spread out? Any birthday gets stretched out to atleast Hanukkah length, even if mostly it’s just an excuse to get everyone together…


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