Row, row, row your boat

I’m pretty proud of myself right now. I actually followed through on my promise to myself to check out the new Chico State gym today. It doesn’t open until noon, and as it got closer I felt more and more lazy. Since I didn’t really feel like riding the bus I made a compromise with myself: I went, but drove myself.

Not only did I go, but I worked out for a full hour. I’ve never been to a gym of any sort before, so I was pretty intimidated by some of the machines since not all of them have diagrams of how to work them. I got into it pretty quickly though, and ended up doing some rowing, lots of elliptical, and a couple miles on what was basically a cycling machine for arms.

More than coming through on goals, I’m mostly happy because…well, I’m happy! I must’ve released some serious endorphins – not only am I actually looking forward to going to work tonight and starting school on Monday, I’m excited to go back and work out again on Monday even though I hadn’t planned to before. Will wonders never cease?

I better put those endorphins to work while I’m still energetic – cleaning time!


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