At least swine flu would’ve been more interesting.

The second week of school is coming to a close, and I’m starting to get more into the rhythm. I’m finding I actually quite enjoy this semester, between the classes and how my schedule worked out, it’s turning out quite nice. I’ve been trying to mix up some of the routines I’ve established over the last year or so, finding new places to hang out and thus meeting different people than I would normally run into.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to abstain from some of that for about a week. For one of my classes I have to work in an elementary classroom, and to do that I had to get a TB test – which came out positive. I’m not superbly worried about it, it’s fairly easy to get a false positive, but I won’t find out for sure for a week.  For the people I’m with the most (Alex, the Abbey, and the people I hang out with most in class) if I have it, they already have it, so I won’t be bowing out of classes or Abbey functions.

Just to be safe, I’ve called in to work to let them know about it and they decided I won’t be working for about a week and a half. I’m not sure yet if this is a blessing or a curse; on the one hand, it means I’ll have plenty of time to do my homework and have crafty pursuits, but on the other it’ll mean my next paycheck will be heinously thin. I’m leaning towards the former; I have a roof over my head, more than enough money to take care of food, and even a job to come back to when my tests are done. Compared to a lot of people in this area that is an upgrade, so how can I complain?

As a fair warning though, I’m fairly certain that if Kenny finds out he has TB he’ll do his best to become a walking WMD and infect as many people as possible. I’m pretty sure you need to worry about him more than me!


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