My school placement, computer issues, and quilt

Tomorrow starts my placement at Citrus Elementary helping in a 3rd grade class. I’m excited, but also really nervous. Wish me luck!

Last weekend was an interesting experience – I know I’m coming late to the party here, since there were pictures and blogs up within an hour of us leaving – when I went with a group to Concow to help work on a cob house. I had no idea what cob was, but it’s a mixture of straw, clay, sand, and water, that can either be made into bricks and stacked or smushed freeform into straw bales. It was a good day, not only because I got to get muddy and wield a machete (okay, a mostly dull machete) as well as hang out and work with people that I enjoy being around, and don’t always get to see often.

Also last weekend, my computer suddenly stopped working and wouldn’t even turn on. It regenerated itself midweek, but over the course of those several days I realized two things. 1) While it was annoying to have to use Kenny’s computer or one at school just to get a map somewhere or other basic information, I don’t actually need a computer for most of my day-to-day work. 2) I spend far too much time on my laptop, and with it out of commission I wasn’t particularly sure what to do with my time.

Also, once it was working again I noticed that I didn’t sleep as well. I think it’s partially because I lose track of time on the computer and am apt to stay up later, but it may also just keep my mind whirring. In an attempt to at least move in the right direction, I’m no longer using my computer after 7:00 pm. Unless I have some massive essay that is due the next morning or something (a situation which hopefully I won’t procrastinate my way into) I should be able to stick with it.

I started it two days ago, and last night as I got home from work I wasn’t thinking about it; I pulled out the seat in front of my computer and was halfway sitting down before I paused, got back up, pushed the seat in, and went to work on my quilt. I still stayed up late, but I got to sleep almost instantaneously instead of tossing and turning like I do if I’ve been using my computer right before I go to bed.

Speaking of my quilt, it’s coming along nicely. I’m almost done with the front! That’s pretty much the hardest part…I hope. I’m going to try to sew together some of the rows to show my mom today, so I should probably get to work on patching together the last few squares (running out of a fabric right before the end makes life so much more interesting).


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