It has been a really long week. I’d been going through school pretty well, feeling good and like nothing was too challenging. Then I made a point of looking through my education block class, and it looked something like:

Next week:

Monday – assignment due

Wednesday – reading due

Friday – assignment due

And then the same thing for about 6 weeks. The sudden shock of “oh! Right! I actually have some rather large assignments!” has added a bit of extra stress, as has trying to sneak in 45 hours of school placement. Ten hours down! My first two days were honestly kind of depressing, but my couple hours this morning went much better. I’m glad to see not all days are that bad.

The only really unfortunate part of this weekend is that I’m sick now. I’m having trouble getting to sleep, so I’m letting myself be on my computer after 7:00 so I can atleast get some work done and get rid of some stress. I also need to think of something to do for youth group this week since Joshua is out of town. I’m pretty solidly drawing a blank.

I just keep reminding myself what my Christmas present to myself, or rather reward for getting through this semester is going to be:

iPod touch (if Heather and I haven’t worked out our deal for me to buy her iPod so she can get an iPod nano). Regardless, I will be getting some sort of portable music device (though admittedly, I’m kinda hoping for the touch – costs more, but has much more use to me).

I can get through the next 11 eleven weeks. iPod. I can do it. iPod touch.

That always seems to help =)


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