Week 9 Down

Woohoo, another week down! I must say, the highlight of my week was that I finally got a solid sabbath. For the last month or so, I’ve been so busy that the thought of a day off hasn’t even crossed my mind, but Thursday I had no homework due and no class until 2:00, so I spent the morning relaxing and rejuvenating. I’m still pretty tired – I don’t know why, I’ve been getting 6 – 7 hours of sleep a night, and while that isn’t exceptionally good, it shouldn’t be bad enough to make me this tired.

Unfortunately, technology was kinda iffy for me this week. My xbox finally broke down, my camera broke (while it seems it’s just the button that takes the picture that doesn’t work, I have no idea how to get that fixed) and, after months of printing stuff at school because I thought there was a cord missing from our printer, I finally found out that it was working and went to print a paper. It was out of ink. Grar.

School’s been chugging along, and I’m almost done with my placement hours. I cannot express how glad I will be to get that done. After that, it’s mostly just a few more minor papers and some tests, and it’s Christmas! Monday is the due date for one of my biggest projects, an approximately 15 page paper on the subject of my “personal practical philosophy” of teaching (the name should tell you how enjoyable that is), but once that’s done it should be smooth sailing.

Tomorrow’s art class will mark the half way point for this session. While up to this point it’s only been Summer and Josh’s kids, though I may have an extra couple this week, I still feel like there’s value in it. If nothing else, it gives me practice for consistently making lesson plans and making sure I have a purpose in each activity. Since I’ve never put in significant time with kids younger than about 7, it also gives me a better estimation of their attention span, as well as cognitive and physical abilities. So essentially, I’m getting more comfortable with the fact that, just as I don’t judge our communal meals or youth group purely by the amount of people, I’m finding that I can still find worth and purpose doing art classes. Even if it’s just for a first grader and several preschoolers.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a well-deserved date night and a (hopefully) good weekend ahead of me.


Weekend! Well, sorta

This week is pretty busy, and while technically I’m on my weekend right now due to furloughs, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. I’m going in for my school placement tomorrow and Friday, so I actually leave earlier and are gone longer than I would be on a normal school day. Yay? Ah well, at least I’ll get my hours cleared up sooner. 45 hours are a chunk to fit in, and it’s a draining experience; it’s good for me, and I’m glad I’m doing it, but it makes for long days.

I need to prep for this Saturday’s art class. Last Saturday was our first session for the fall, and it went well; it was only Summer and Josh’s kids, but it wasn’t too insanely messy and everything worked out okay.

SUC50005I forgot to get pictures of making our cave paintings and making bricks (hint: I may have been inspired by a certain cob house in Concow), but we painting our clay bricks and made a cute little pyramid out of them.SUC50011

Sure, it’s crumbly and doesn’t fit together well, but it was made by kids ranging from ages 2 – 6, what do you expect? Okay, yes, I made about half of those bricks beforehand, but in my defense…actually, no, I don’t really have any excuse.

I made the mistake a couple of weeks earlier promising to help one of my friends finish a knitting project – she wasn’t sure how to cast off, and I thought it would be easier to show her rather than try to explain it – but as soon as a few girls around me saw me knitting, a queue started up of who I would help/teach/make something first for next. I can’t complain too much, it’s not like I have any of my own projects that I’m working on, but I’m not sure I like being the “weird knitting girl that lives in some crazy church in Paradise”. I should probably be used to it by now.

Play me off…

Since I graduated high school, quite a few of my former peers have gotten married, had kids, or both. It’s always been people I was only vaguely familiar with or didn’t care too much about, but for whatever reason it always stung a little bit to hear of another person’s engagement. In my classes, there are lots of wedding and engagement rings to be seen – granted, I’m definitely younger than most of these people.

As much as I try to rationalize my way out of it – because of course if I stop to think about it, there is no way I’d want to be married at this age, for a number of reasons – it still throws my mood every time, especially since this time it’s someone that I know pretty well. I’m truly happy for her and wish her the best, but….gah.

I guess I’ve been socialized in such a way that it feels as though the measure of my womanhood is being able to find a husband and start a family, though I know logically that isn’t true. All of those fairy tales ending with “happily ever after” are finally coming back to haunt me.

To make matters worse, since I found out about this friend getting married, I’ve had Keyboard Cat stuck in my head (link is to explanation).

I’ve been “played off” by my own subconscious.

Bakin’ Goodies

For whatever reason, when the winter gets colder I begin to cook impulsively. Actually, let me rephrase that: I begin to bake sweets impulsively. Last night I baked up some of my mom’s sugar cookies only to eat a couple and send most of the rest off to Alex for his birthday.

Today I was charged with a bigger task: making pan dulce for my culture group presentation tomorrow. I guessed that I could probably make a double batch and have my contribution for Tuesday’s meal, since Tuesday is routinely my busiest and most tiring day.

The first batch was decent, the frosting melted together so it didn’t have the nifty designs and it didn’t rise as much as I hoped, but they certainly looked festive.


The second batch…well…let’s just say that I know for sure now that the yeast I used for that batch is long past its prime (the big one is one from my first batch to show relative size).SUC50020

Along with all of this was the usual baking mishaps – trying to halve a recipe but accidentally putting in the ingredients for a full recipe, running out of eggs/flour/powdered sugar and generally being frustrated with my ridiculous yeast. (If I remember correctly, in my biology class we proved that yeast is a living thing. Does that mean I’ve had a dead thing in my pantry for several months?)

My group is presenting tomorrow, and I’m pretty well set; book read, movie watched, interview completed, food baked, and I just have to write a summary of all of that. Ironically – since our assigned culture is Latinos – after eating Mexican food tonight I’m having a few digestive issues. To be fair, Alex was sick yesterday so I may have happened to catch something from him and it didn’t show up until I this evening.

The one bonus is that now I get out of my group meeting tonight. Not that I don’t like my group, in fact I enjoy working with them. But I can write out my portion and email it off in about 1/3 to 1/4 of the time it would take to meet with them. AND I can do it in my pj’s and not have to trek down to Chico. Don’t you like how I use “trek” as though Chico is an hour or more away?

Beautiful Sleep-Filled Morning

I slept in this morning, and it was beautiful. I usually try not to get too far off my sleep schedule when I don’t have to be up early, but today there was just no way I could drag myself out of bed. I’m hoping I’m hitting the tail end of being sick; while I don’t feel all that sick, being tired and worn out and having a raspy voice is unpleasant.

The week is almost over, woohoo! Saturday is Alex’s birthday, and my main present to him is FIFA ’10, but that doesn’t come out until the 20th, so I’m making a stand in – hint: it involves lots of construction paper glued together, stick figures playing soccer, and “IOU”.

Sunday I’m taking my English as a Second Language conversation partner to Johnny Appleseed Days, which should be pretty cool. It’ll be interesting to see how much we understand each other in a much less formal setting and whether there are lots of cultural differences.

Starting last week as part of my silences I borrowed a couple books from Joshua to read. The first one I disagreed with in many ways, so part of my silence was trying to pinpoint exactly what I disagreed with, why, and find points that I did agree with. (I may have panicked my mom by talking about some of those points that I disagree with – maaaaybe I should keep those more to myself until I have them more fleshed out) At one point it started talking about postmoderns, and I put the book down for a couple days so I could go back into it clear headed and not with the attitude of “hey, that’s me you’re talking about!”

In the interim, I picked up a book about the Chronicles of Narnia. I have nothing but good memories of those books, so I thought I’d enjoy it. And I did, up to one final point – as the author begins talking about Edmund, he says that he has come into the next stage of being overtaken by evil, that he is sinking deeper and deeper into sin and has now…become a post modern. Maybe the author didn’t intend for that to be quite such an insult to pomos, and maybe I had just had a really bad week, but that felt like a pretty strong slap in the face.

Ironically, this song has been stuck in my head since I put both of those books back on Joshua’s bookshelf: