Beautiful Sleep-Filled Morning

I slept in this morning, and it was beautiful. I usually try not to get too far off my sleep schedule when I don’t have to be up early, but today there was just no way I could drag myself out of bed. I’m hoping I’m hitting the tail end of being sick; while I don’t feel all that sick, being tired and worn out and having a raspy voice is unpleasant.

The week is almost over, woohoo! Saturday is Alex’s birthday, and my main present to him is FIFA ’10, but that doesn’t come out until the 20th, so I’m making a stand in – hint: it involves lots of construction paper glued together, stick figures playing soccer, and “IOU”.

Sunday I’m taking my English as a Second Language conversation partner to Johnny Appleseed Days, which should be pretty cool. It’ll be interesting to see how much we understand each other in a much less formal setting and whether there are lots of cultural differences.

Starting last week as part of my silences I borrowed a couple books from Joshua to read. The first one I disagreed with in many ways, so part of my silence was trying to pinpoint exactly what I disagreed with, why, and find points that I did agree with. (I may have panicked my mom by talking about some of those points that I disagree with – maaaaybe I should keep those more to myself until I have them more fleshed out) At one point it started talking about postmoderns, and I put the book down for a couple days so I could go back into it clear headed and not with the attitude of “hey, that’s me you’re talking about!”

In the interim, I picked up a book about the Chronicles of Narnia. I have nothing but good memories of those books, so I thought I’d enjoy it. And I did, up to one final point – as the author begins talking about Edmund, he says that he has come into the next stage of being overtaken by evil, that he is sinking deeper and deeper into sin and has now…become a post modern. Maybe the author didn’t intend for that to be quite such an insult to pomos, and maybe I had just had a really bad week, but that felt like a pretty strong slap in the face.

Ironically, this song has been stuck in my head since I put both of those books back on Joshua’s bookshelf:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. NonCharon
    Oct 01, 2009 @ 16:29:29

    I can always tell when you’ve updated your blog. I get a hit through the link on yours to mine to check if my lazy ass has updated, and I normally haven’t.

    That being said… were you aware that the new Ipod Nano has a built in video camera? It looks to be decent quality, not high def, but ok. The touch won’t have that, so it is a trade-off either way.

    Secondly, when you join us “cool kids” and get a media player you might consider a couple of podcasts that are exploring the whole “postmodern” christianity thing.

    The Nick and Josh podcast. They are pretty ‘dis-establishment in their orientation, but have some interesting guests on a wide range of topics.0

    and Homebrewed Christianity. They are here in California, one down south, and one in the bay area. They are apparently attending seminary and dealing with similar issues while being part of an institution (they are baptists, I think).

    both can be subscribed to through Itunes. I listen on the bus, or when I am doing a task that normally doesn’t require a great deal of thought or concentration.

    Keep up the blogging. You actually write well, and it can only get better through practice. 🙂


    • aisle4b
      Oct 01, 2009 @ 17:09:06

      I thought about the video for iPod nano, but I realized that I would be much more apt to use wi-fi instead of video. Additionally, someone I’m with for a pretty decent amount of time has a nano, so if there’s anything truly video-worthy I’m pretty solidly covered.

      Thanks for the podcast ideas, I’ve been trying to find something along those lines, whether podcast or site, and you just helped substantially.

      “You actually write well”
      Actually? You sound so surprised! I can’t particularly complain about a compliment though. 🙂


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