Fall Colors

I should be doing my homework right now. Or sleeping. Or working up the willpower to go to the communal meal tonight. Instead, I’m entranced by the beautiful fall colors out my window. Being in fake light all day, albeit pretty good fake light, is getting to me, and realizing that this is probably one of the last beautiful days before winter gets its icy grip on the world isn’t helping.

I wonder how silly it would look to take a cup of tea, a blanket, and my laptop outside to do homework and sunbathe (probably more of the latter than the former). Probably fairly silly, and I’d be guaranteed a few snarky remarks from Patrick whenever he gets back, but I’m feeling like it’s worth it. Quick! Rationalize it to myself! Ummmm….tea might make me feel better with all those antioxidants and whatnot, I can stay warm with a blanket, and I might get homework done. Maybe. Well, I’m convinced!

All that to say, not too much is going on right now, or at least not too much that I haven’t repeated over and over by now – homework, CSETs this Saturday (blegh) and my poor nutrition and sleeping habits have done a number on my immune system so I don’t feel good…again. I’m currently being humbled by my knitting project, since whenever I start to feel like it’s easy and I’ve totally got it down, either a) I make a silly mistake and wonder why I did (and why I didn’t catch it until it’s too late to turn back) or b) I can’t even figure out what happened.

The sun and the fall leaves are calling. This is when I wish I could paint better, to capture these moments.


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  1. NonCharon
    Nov 03, 2009 @ 16:59:43

    To be fair, my snarky comments require no ‘bizarre’ behavior as inspiration.

    Sitting out in the air is always a good idea. When I was in college I would actually take walks in thunderstorms. People thought (realized?) I was crazy. 🙂


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