Thanksgiving Break

Ahhhhhh. My first official day of Thanksgiving break. I’d originally planned to have this be my “yuck” day – errands, cleaning, and  homework – but it instead shaped up to have a lot of knitting, time relaxing with Alex, and going in to work a little early to snag a few extra hours. On the whole, not too bad. I’ve lucked out; not too much homework over break, only one bigger and slightly unpleasant project. I always say I’m going to get all of that done early on, but for once I’m not going to stress about homework and chores and I’m just going to do it. Seems simple, huh? We’ll see.

I’ve had a bit of time since my last post to work through some of my stuff about that Abbey – I had the nagging feeling that I was “next” in terms of who would be leaving, and I’m generally feeling comfortable and at home again. Funny how I can get mixed up and upset so quickly, but it had been building for awhile so I’m glad it finally bubbled up to the surface and got out.

Most of this week I’m dedicating to the joint causes of hanging out with my family and Alex, and making my Christmas presents. I’m attempting to make – knit, bake, paint, etc – all of my presents this year, but while it’s cheaper monetarily it means I spend a lot of time on them. I can live with that, I have lots of seasons of shows to put on in the background while I knit 🙂 So, while it looks like I’m just lazing around watching TV all day, I’m actually doing something decently productive. I’ve put in about 12 hours since Friday, and I’m feeling pretty good about making everything this year.

Saturday we had a little coffee and theology with a decently sized and diverse group of people.  (I feel like an emergent snob saying “cohort”) Interestingly, we actually had a few women – usually the group is men and sometimes me or Robin. I must say, I enjoyed the moment when all of the women looked at each other and, at the same time, realized that all of us felt a bit out of place and like we didn’t completely understand everything that was being said. Something about safety in numbers, I think. Tuesday we’ll be heading down to Jason and Julissa’s for prayers, which I’m looking forward to as well. I like getting out of our routines, our boxes we (or at least I) pack our lives into.

That’s part of why I go to the cohort; I don’t really like coffee that much, and even when I understand what’s being said I usually feel like anything I would have to say has already been said or I can’t think of a response. But everyone there has a different perspective and we’re scattered across the spectrum in terms of theological and political beliefs (albeit we’re more left-leaning than right), and I enjoy getting little pieces of those ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

Other than that, not too much is going on. I’m prepping Alex for Thanksgiving with my family and generally snuggling in for the chilly weather with lots of books and chai. Though for now, I must venture out into the brisk winter air and head to work. Okay, fine, it’s really not that cold. I just despise winter.


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