The last stretch

Ah, it’s nice to get a break. Technically I have 5 days, 2 finals,  and 1 essay between me and winter break, but my pinnacle of stress was last Wednesday, so now that the 1 am bedtimes have died down I’m feeling pretty good.

I finally got a chance to poke around the internets for some emergent blogs; I haven’t nosed around much for the last three weeks or so. I’m horrible at trying to get into distinct, daily routines, and even though I always bookmark interesting blogs with the intent of checking back everyday or so, a few days becomes a week, which turns into two weeks, and so on. Instead, I usually find an interesting post (admittedly, often from Patrick’s Facebook posts) and then branch off from there. It’s always a pleasant “ah HA!” moment when I read something from a person that was mentioned earlier at cohort or in casual conversation and finally understand what they were talking about. =)

While I get a decent break from school, my hands have been busy trying to catch up on my Christmas gift making. I knit almost non-stop yesterday (I may have actually sleep-knitted, about 5 of those hours I only vaguely remember) and not only got a mere two feet (TWO FEET! In a day. Seriously?!) further on a scarf, but also somehow managed to cause some splintering in my early Christmas present – beautiful handmade knitting needles from India.

I’m a little embarrassed; not only at my apparent aggression with knitting needles, but also my slowness – at this rate, I could knit 24/7 and still not be done by Christmas. Time to start prioritizing – I’d wager a guess that Heather is willing to wait a few extra days on her gloves, but my sister will be severely displeased if she doesn’t get her gifts on time.


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