The Morning (Afternoon) After

Ahhh, my sugar hangover is finally sort of dying down. I would just like to point out the irony that I recieved two issues of Fitness magazine underneath my stocking, while there was candy, cookies, and various other sweets all stuffed in my stocking. And around it. And a few on top of it, too. Way to go, family =P

Christmas Eve and Christmas were both spent with people I love, care about, and consider my family, regardless of pesky DNA. I don’t need to have however many common alleles with Heather to know that she’s my sister. Even the Wright’s – who are the in-laws to one sister, and the second family to another, so the house is filled with Boyd girls around the holidays – are feeling more family-like. I would say that their craziness definitely causes me to believe that we must have some common ancestry not too far back, but that leads to implications about my sister committing incest sooooo…we’re just gonna leave that.

There’s always a bit of a post-Christmas letdown the next day. When I was a kid it was more disappointment that all of the gift giving was over, but now it’s the slow trickle of cars out from our grandparent’s house, and knowing that since the major holidays are over I won’t see some of my sisters for months. I felt it a little bit last night, since someone decided that we should watch Marley and Me, so when I got up to leave we were all emotional and teary-eyed already.

Other than that little bit of let down, I’ve been pretty good. Life’s been hectic the last few days, trying to finish up baking and presents and all of that good stuff, so I definitely have some cleaning to finish (a.k.a. start) around the Abbey.

So life moves on – the decorations get packed away for another year, I finally have a little tiny bit of breathing room from gift-making, at least until I start on Heather’s birthday presents (January 19th!), and I attempt to avoid those pesky little emails from Macmall touting how cheap their iPods are. Don’t they know I have tuition to pay? No fair.


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