Diagnosis: Senioritis

I really don’t miss this. At all. For most of this week I’ve been dreading this semester more than any other one before it; I’ve got a nasty case of senioritis. Which makes sense, since up until last semester this would have been my last undergrad semester, though I’ve now tacked on another year for special ed goodness and playing some credit catch up. In the long run, I’m glad I’m doing it – I really do want to teach special ed, and this keeps me from having to take huge course loads during my credential program while also giving me much better job possibilities.

But looking at three more semesters before I’m anywhere close to being out of here is just kinda depressing. I love Chico State, but I’m definitely ready to be done here.

Today is my “Chico day” where I combine all of my errands into one trip. Since I knew I’d be visiting a friend at 5 I came down at about 12:45. I had some social services stuff to take care of, and I assumed it would be similar to the DMV where you end up waiting for ages. No joke, I was in and out in 20 minutes.

Which isn’t a bad thing, except that now, at 4, I’m really bored. I knitted up more of Lucy’s birthday gift (then realized that I was missing part of the pattern and couldn’t finish the part I was working on), had some leftovers from our meal last night for lunch (of the distinctly non-stinky variety), and perused some texbooks and syllabi that I brought along because I might as well get a start on them. Except that those reminded me of how much I don’t want to be here next week.

And now I’m killing time until I head up to Forest Ranch to do a fitting for an old Neighborhood friend – did I mention that fitting is for a duct tape outfit? I think this is why I enjoyed this winter break so much, because I had the freedom to decide at pretty much any point in the day that I wanted to try something new and sit down and do it – right then – instead of imagining it, sticking it on some to do list, and being too busy and forgetting about it. Sure, I worked over break, but the majority of my time was my own to volunteer around town, invest in relationships, and do creative work. I’m going to miss that.


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