Day 1

Yesterday marked Day 1 of Week 1 of a new semester of school. I was pretty much in denial right up until I got on the bus, as if at the last minute I’d get a call from Chico State telling me there’d been a mistake, that I was all set to go into the credential program and could take this semester off, and of course that the check for my refunded tuition was in the mail.

The normal good feelings I get of a new start for the semester aren’t here this time, but it’s not horrible. In the afternoon, my best friend in my program was trying to convince me to take a class with her on Fridays, and, forgetting to censor myself (which is doubly unfortunate since this was also in front of our adviser), I quipped that I didn’t want to ruin my Friday with school. I have plenty of valid reasons for wanting to keep my Friday clean, but because I wasn’t thinking, of course I chose the one that summed them all up but also sounded the most rude. I really need to remember my audience better.

I am really looking forward to my art class this semester, since we get to actually do a lot of projects rather than just hear about them. I’m not particularly good at art, especially the 2D ones (painting, drawing, etc) but even if they aren’t masterpieces I still like creating them and find the process relaxing and rejuvenating. I could tell this was going to be a good class when the professor tried to gently explain that, having taught in our program for several years, she’s discovered that we not only have special gifts and talents but also special needs, and has adjusted the course accordingly. Most of the class looked confused, but I spotted a couple other people angling their heads down to try to hide their knowing smirks.

That’s about it for now. Yesterday was a long day of school and work and I’m feeling pretty tired, I’ve had to rewrite a few of these sentences because when I reread them I realized that they were completely incoherent. I get back in plenty of time for the meal tonight, so maybe I’ll find some time for some sleep then (since I have to get up even earlier tomorrow). There’s still several messes from youth group and candle making that I need to clean up at some point, and I’m realizing that even though I never had an amazing handle on balancing work, school, meals, cleaning, and taking care of myself, over the course of break I’ve forgotten how to do it at all. Time for some re-learning!


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