Whew, made it! The first week hasn’t been quite as bad as I expected, and I got the pleasant surprise of finding out that two of my classes will be done with by the end of March. By April 1st I’ll be burdened with 2 less classes and 3 less units. Whoooo!

Speaking of school, I have a confession. I am absolutely horrible at brown bagging. Especially as a semester wears on, I start to phone it in more and more, picking up overpriced – and often grossly unhealthy – food at school because I also bought dinner the night before, leaving no leftovers, and rushed out the door in the morning, not allowing any time to make something new. I’m trying to work on that this semester so I’m snapping pictures of my lunches and posting them, not because I think they’re all that unique or you’re all that interested, but just as a way to hold myself accountable.

Monday – Bean burrito, roasted cauliflower, chocolate chip cookies.

Tuesday – Saltines and graham crackers. (I wasn’t actually on campus through lunch time, so I just brought snacks. Unfortunately I was running late in the morning and didn’t get breakfast, so I ended up buying supplemental food at school.)

Wednesday – Chipotle turkey wrap, fritos, and a candy bar; leftovers from school lunch and an impulse buy from grocery shopping.

Thursday – Broccoli and rice, roasted cauliflower, chicken chow mein, and a hefty hunk of french bread. Both lunch AND dinner! It feels strange to ponder what I want for dinner when I’ve only just eaten breakfast. 12 hour school days are not my friend.


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