I Really Need to Clock Out

I’ve worked in food service for closing on four years. It is neither fulfilling nor my passion, but it pays the bills. For about two years, I’ve been talking about getting a job more related to my field of study, and while there have been a few close calls where I almost landed one, I’m still here, scooping ice cream, wearing a cheesy uniform, and being paid minimum wage to have people feel powerful by being cruel to me.

Okay, so it’s not always quite that bad, and maybe I’ve just had a really long day. No, not maybe – I have had a long day. I’ve been pretty out of it, feeling alternating senses of being overwhelmed by school and just not caring, and tonight, just as I was starting to relax into a good night, I got a call to let me know that I’d been written up at work and needed to come in to pick up the paperwork. Mind you, there are some shifts I come in to work to see criticism about myself or someone I work with, and I think “okay, yea, I can see that”, but this particular write up is for something that I distinctly remember doing, and doing at least fairly well.

Three write ups result in being fired, and the write ups given to people today seem to be more of a power play and a venting of frustration by my manager, including a write up for someone from a month ago, for something that was not their fault. There were a few months near the end of last year that I actually felt really content and confident at work, but now the whole thing is slipping back into petty manipulation, power struggles, rumors and gossip, and pretty much grovelling for approval from the bosses while at least four people come in everyday looking for our jobs.

Something about tonight just made snap, and I’m currently on craigslist, looking for jobs under education. I’m downloading forms to apply at C.A.R.D., and I am just really, truly done. I still need to pay the bills, but this is becoming one of the worst, most degrading and dysfunctional ways to do so.

So, while this is a horrible economic time to do so:

Anyone know of any teaching/youth/etc related jobs?


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