Week 2

I think I mentioned last week that what I eat tends to be a really good indicator of how chaotic/stressful/unorganized my life is, and this week is a pretty solid example of that. No pictures this week, since Monday my camera battery pooped out and my newly cut fingernails couldn’t pry the battery out – foiled by good hygiene!

This week has been such a blur and my mind so scattered that I can honestly say I have no idea what I ate on Monday or Tuesday, though I have a feeling I may have picked up something to drink to help with my energy and cognitive levels – apparently to no affect. Wednesday I was in a hurry and brought nothing, hoping I could buck it up until I got home at 1:30. I trekked around campus and downtown for about half an hour before finding something both cheap and appetizing – Fritos and a soda, a similar duo from what I bought last week when I was hungry. Hm. No bueno. Gotta watch that.

Finally Wednesday night I got my act together and prepped the main portion of about 5 lunches ahead of time, so I can throw in a little of whatever else I have for a snack but the main work is done. It’s probably good that my camera isn’t working to show you Thursday’s meal, since I brought one of the pre-made lunches, and all of them have chili as at least one part of it. I’d just like to throw out there right now that chili, whether alone or mixed with something else, almost always looks like an unfortunate past meal that has come back to haunt you in the most unfriendly way possible.

You’re welcome for that mental image.

And, so I don’t end my blog on that sort of note, I would just like to inform you that I’ve chosen the picture to use for my next art class assignment, and while I had solid intentions of using a challenging, interesting piece to redraw, I got sucked into drawing him:

I have never liked Twilight, and never will, but I will always pay hard-earned money to see anything this man is in. That is all.

P.S. In a shameless plug, I recommend checking out The Real Story of Community. I think it’ll be interesting to get a less overly-optimistic fluff “this is absolutely the best way to live and it’s all easy!” viewpoint on intentional communities.


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