So I may or may not have forgotten to post my week of lunch recaps. Whoops! I thought about it Friday morning before I went off to start spying on my mom’s first day of work my Friday morning volunteer circuit, but then it just completely slipped my mind.

Still no sign of Speak, granted I spent Friday cleaning the Abbey instead of my room. Which is good, it totally needed to be done and I royally suck at keeping up with housekeeping, but I really need to finish my room – I did a whirlwind cleaning this morning, mostly I just have papers to sort and whatnot now. I know the boom-bust cleaning cycle isn’t healthy, but if I’m feeling particularly like cleaning, why not use it?

I hate to admit it, but the room cleaning isn’t completely intrinsic, since Alex will be over for Valentine’s tonight. I’m cooking dinner for him and staggering it throughout the day (which also staggers the dishes so it’s not a huge intimidating mountain), making braided cheese bread (I will get the six-strand braid right this time!), roasted veggies, oven fries, chicken of some sort, and coconut rice. In other words, lots of stuff that looks really fancy and complicated but is actually supremely easy – this is helped by the fact that he’s still confounded by the process of making bread from scratch. Basic understanding of yeast and gluten FTW!

I’m feeling particularly artsy this weekend. I’m almost done with my current art project, the grid drawing of Taylor Lautner I mentioned a couple posts back. I worked really hard on his eyes, they were super hard to get right and I’m really happy with how they turned out, so I’m kinda phoning in the rest of it. But even so, it’s still not bad. Camera cut off the very bottom, but I couldn’t convince it to take another picture.

I think for art workshop this week we’ll be doing a newspaper and paint theme. The newspaper allows for decoupage, collage, or mask making (or other paper mache projects), and the painting adds some more interest. And I am totally not following the same sequence as my art class. Absolutely not. =)

My sewing machine’s been calling to me for the last couple of days. I’m thinking about trying some clothing re-crafting, since I have a big bag of clothes waiting to be given away anyway. If I was planning on giving it away anyway, I might as well try to get some practice out of it and maybe even regain a couple shirts or something.

Also, digging through my sewing box I had the sudden realization that the reason I haven’t come back to my quilt that I started ages ago is because the more it came together, the more I realized I didn’t like it. I hate to say that, because it feels like that makes all the time and money I’ve spent on it has become worthless, though I know it was good practice and helped a lot. But would it really be worth it to put in even more time on something I already know would just be folded up and go under my bed? I’m not sure what I’ll do with the remaining fabric and the rows of quilt blocks – the rows might get turned into some pillowcases, and at least one of the fabrics would make a cute skirt. The rest, I don’t know, but it’s nice to admit it and move on to something that I actually do like and will enjoy working on instead of feeling like I have to force myself into it. Like this:

Anyway, after all that, finally: lunch recap!

My camera is finally on its last legs, so the pictures are pretty iffy, but ah well.

Monday: garlic bread pizza

Tuesday: french bread, hot dogs and chili

Wednesday: last remains of garlic bread pizza, biscuits, and a cookie mess up.

Thursday: my camera had a temper tantrum and wouldn’t take a picture. I brought my last pre-made lunch, mac and cheese, chili, and chicken, with a leftover breakfast burrito that I was too full to eat in the morning.


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