Week 4

These “Friday” lunch recaps are getting later and later. My favorite excuse lately has been that my week “just got away from me”, though I’m beginning to wonder if I ever really start off with it in my possession…

Monday – No school! I feel less and less inclined to complain about furloughs. Less education for my money, sure, but now I’m also paying that little bit extra for a few catch-up days.

Tuesday – camera being fussy. Brought french bread pizza to tide me over for the couple hours of class.

Wednesday – toughed it out with no lunch, didn’t even buy anything at school. And then forgot to eat until the middle of the afternoon. Apparently my stomach doesn’t work in shades of gray – eat NOW or don’t eat till dinner.

Thursday – French bread pizza, french bread, top ramen, and some pringles and deliciously addictive cookies donated by Summer.


Well, I have an unexpected extra couple hours this afternoon. I used my one excused absence for my health class to take a census worker test, and got there only to find that the person that scheduled my appointment told me the wrong time. I was pretty irritated, but I’m working on setting up an interview for something else. Hey, the sooner I get an interview, the sooner I get a different job!

I’m feeling like this is the time to catch up on my week – it’s Monday afternoon and I already feel like I’m behind. Sunday lulls me into complacency; no work, hanging out with people I like, talking, no real rush, and then suddenly at about 8 or 9 pm I remember I have to actually go to school the next day, and go into a frenzy of homework.

As such, I should probably get off my computer. I swear, it steals my time away.

(P.S. Guess what the end of this week marks? 1/3 of the semester over! I’m not sure I can even convey how happy this makes me.)


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