Week 6

I officially have 1 unit less than I did at this time last week. It’s not much, but I’ll take it! =)


Monday: Muffin, scrambled egg wrap

Tuesday: Banana, french bread

Wednesday: Banana, pizza egg wrap

Thursday: Banana, garlic bread pizza, homemade granola bars (you’ll hear about that later)

Can you tell this week was the last one before I got paid?

Also, I’m realizing that not using pictures makes it quite hard for me to remember what I brought….

Steve brought home two big jars of garlic bread seasoning for everyone to use, so almost everything has had some form of garlic seasoning added to it. As an avid garlic lover, I really can’t complain. I’m putting some on the breadsticks I’m making for tonight’s meal, and they’re rising right now – they look divine. Me and my love of carbs.

Tonight Alex and his friend Jeff and I are going down to Chico for a late showing of Alice in Wonderland. I would like to point out that it concerns me just a tad that two college aged guys are actually really excited to go see it, and if they squeal when Johnny Depp comes on screen then Alex and I maaaaay need to have a talk.

Other than that, I’m just waiting out the next week to get to spring break. And byw aiting I mean being swamped with tests and projects. But yea, pretty much the same thing, right?


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