Week 7 and Spring Break!

Hello there Spring Break (or, to be more accurate, St. Patrick’s Day Break – nothing like getting the college kids out of town for a normally rowdy holiday). Today’s been a little more unusual than normal, I had to forgo my usual praxis and head down to Chico to teach a station in a class as part of a requirement for my health class. I feel a bit like I cheated – after all the drilling into education major’s brains about all the different models of lesson plan writing (all lengthy and involved) my entire lesson was on a post it note. And it worked out just fine; not having an exact script (I’m not even kidding, some models ask for exactly what you’re going to say) I felt perfectly fine bending and tweaking my lesson depending on how each group of kids.

And with that done, I was/am officially on spring break! I have a handy dandy little checklist of homework to get done, and some ideas bouncing around about what I’d like to take care of in terms of de-cluttering, as well as some ideas of what to create. Because a lot can happen in a week =)

Pretty much the only thing I’m really set on right now is that I’d like to try out one of the regula/daily routines we’ve mentioned before. The only major adjustment to this I’d like to make is that, having woken up often at 6:30 this semester, I am reminded that my natural waking time lies somewhere close to 7, and even that half an hour can mess up my day.

Also, I’d like to significantly cut down on my time behind a digital screen of any sort – particularly my computer, since that’s where most of my screen time comes from. While I realize I need it for some of my homework, I’ve often used that rationalization and ended up having the “5 minutes” to double check what pages to read for a class turn into 2 hours on cracked.com and hulu. I’m not sure yet what those boundaries are going to be, but this seems like a good time to try some out.

Monday – Breadsticks, baked ziti, and mashed potatoes. (thank you for the ziti, Patrick!)

Tusesday – Sunchips (I had more packed, but got out early and didn’t eat the rest of it).

Wednesday – Leftover chinese food, banana.

Thursday – Tri tip, rice, and chips.

Friday – Banana. School on a Friday – the tragedy. (Supplemented by a some food from Cozy with the Prices)


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