Annnd back to school

Alas, the last few hours of my Spring Break have slipped away and it is now currently…a school day. Dun dun DUNNN!

Okay, fine, it’s really not that bad. My first class is furloughed, so I only have to be on campus for a couple of hours this afternoon.

So what did I wile away my time with this week? I tried to roughly incorporate similar rhythms and routines into my life as what we’ll be starting after Easter, getting used to moving in and out of them as I had other obligations such as work. Probably the weirdest experience was the first day because time seemed to have slowed down so much; it got to the point that while I was out grocery shopping I thought vaguely about picking up my paycheck, but figured I’d be back for work in a couple hours and it wasn’t worth it. I then looked at the clock and realized that work wasn’t even open yet and I had 7 hours before I needed to be clocked in.

I’d like to say I did tons of homework and I’m all caught up. Well, I did some homework, but mostly I just enjoyed myself this week. I put in about three times my normal amount of time at the library, and spent time in the kitchen stocking up on some baked goods (and, surprisingly, having a whole slew of tasty things in my fridge seems to actually make me eat them less, I guess with the reasoning being “meh, they’ll be there for awhile, no need to gobble them all down now”). I cleaned and organized bit by bit, so while there’s still plenty to be done – somehow a sink full of dishes has crept up on me – it’s still significantly better (i.e. there’s no funny smell in the fridge anymore).

I tried out making homemade yogurt, with somewhat runny albeit tasty results, and am prepping to try out homemade candy bars this week. So I guess what I’m saying here is that, yes, I could’ve done a lot more, task-wise. But I feel rejuvenated and renewed, and I don’t completely hate college right now, so I think that’s a good trade off. Everything in balance, right?

I’m also currently deciding what to do with my tax refund. I already know for sure that there are several baking books I’d like to buy (is it a bad sign when a bread book makes you feel all giddy?), and I think I may want to pick up a cheap point-and-shoot so that I can have at least some photo-taking abilities back. Though eventually I’d like a digital SLR, this is definitely more in my price range right now.

I’m debating getting an ipod touch, but there are rumors out on the interwebs about a next gen coming out in the fall or earlier that includes a camera, and I’m all for multi-functioning devices (if it wasn’t for my attempt to minimize recurring bills, I’d be all over the iphone; phone, mini-laptop, games, music, and camera all in one). I guess for now my decision is indecision, I’ll wait around and see how things are looking; the only thing to lose is my patience.

I have no lunch recap for you this week, but I would like to share that I actually ate some fruits and vegetables this week. I swear! I have witnesses!

Finally, in complete shamelessness, I’d like to point out that my knitting class is starting up in a few weeks…

Credit to Summer Price for the flier.


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