Week 8 and the Candy Fiasco

Monday – I wasn’t at school until the afternoon and can’t remember what I ate

Tuesday – apple and yogurt

Wednesday – veggie chicken wrap

Thursday – pumpkin cookie, pineapple, scrambled egg wrap

I actually ate pretty decently this week, with some veggies and fruits showing up in my diet (I was sorely disappointed when I ran out of apples; apples and homemade yogurt are my new favorite snack). Thursday I kind of dropped the ball – I was running late and didn’t get breakfast, so what’s listed ended up being mostly my breakfast, and I ate crap for lunch and dinner. Interestingly, after only a few days without processed food, sodas, etc, eating bad food on Thursday made me feel horrible. More incentive for me to eat and drink better, at least.

For our meal tonight, I’ve been planning on trying out some homemade candy bars. There were several recipes I found, but one of the easiest was a homemade almond joy. After the fact, I’ll say that I am now perfectly content with buying my candy bars, as this is one thing that I neither enjoy making at home nor am very good at.

Funny thing about coconut; even if it’s packed together really well, there are lots of tiny pieces that can latch onto something, in this case being chocolate that is just barely completely melted. I got one kind of-sort of decent bar, and the rest all just fell apart and made a mess. Well, I say “the rest” but I only did about three or four.

Then I did the only thing I knew how – improvised. The result was a mixture of chocolate and coconut with almonds thrown on top. I heard no complaints and it was mostly gone by the end of the night, so I’ll say it was pretty good. The ingredients may have to “happen” to jump into my shopping cart again soon…


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Summer P.
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 22:08:19

    The candy bars were very good! thanks for sharing 🙂


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