Week 11: Anti-Zombie Punks, Organics, and Getting WoW Players to Contribute to Society

I think I may have gotten my numbering of weeks off here at some point, since I know I have a month plus finals left, but there are 17 weeks including finals in a semester. Ah well.

Monday – pasta, sausage, and cheese; apple

Tuesday – granola bar, banana

Wednesday – nothing (the joy of getting out of class early!)

Thursday (today! I’m early!) – Pulled pork sandwich, bean burrito

I’m going to go ahead and get out the bit of negativity I have right now. So, things I don’t like right now:

On the bright side, there’s all of this loveliness:

  • Garden goodness: almost all of the garden boxes for Summer and Josh’s back yard are built and filled with fertilizer, and our plot behind the sanctuary is almost completely plowed. We’ve got seeds en route, and the planting should start soon.
  • We’ve been attending various shindigs around Chico, one about permaculture and our last one about eating organically, with one next week with specifics on planting and tending gardens. Personally, whenever I’ve thought about “eating organic”, I’ve imagined going over to that overpriced section of Holiday. For whatever reason, it’d never occurred to me that it can also mean buying straight from the farmer, which leads me to…
  • We’ve been looking into CSAs (community supported agriculture), which for us would mean paying a flat rate to have a box of fresh, seasonal veggies/fruit/possibly meat delivered to us either weekly or monthly. A few examples include GRUB, Turkey Tail Farm, and our own Paradisian Sawmill Creek Farm (links to article, no main website available).
  • Unrelated to CSAs, Chico Chai makes me happy. (You had me at “I will be paying my employees a living wage, so that they aren’t constantly searching for a new job or struggling to make ends meet.”)
  • Instructions for making slipcovers, including how to put in zippers and some fancy cording, make my life much easier (in retrospect, white was definitely not a good choice in couch color). Thank you, wise internet!
  • Finding ways to take the skills a large percentage of my generation has learned and is constantly using in gaming, and turning these into projects to positively impact our world. That’s not just hypothetical, either; check out Evoke, Superstruct, and World Without Oil.
  • Out of Evoke (which, I believe, is still running) came a fantastic Kiva group. A mere 30 people have loaned money to 24 separate small groups in developing countries for a current total of over $600. I’m reminded again of the difference a small group of determined people can make.

Hm, so looking at it that way (2 annoyances in my week versus the laundry list of positive things) I find my mood improving significantly. Ah, and I almost forgot one other positive: vlogging back and forth with Heather. Good stuff.

This seems like a good note to start my weekend on.


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