For the first time in over a decade, my grandparents, all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and sisters all got together. It was tagged as the “Boyd Extravaganza” because we’re cool like that.

It was an early celebration of my grandparents’ 60 year anniversary, and we all spent the weekend together in Sacramento. It was nice to actually have time to have some substantial interaction with everyone instead of just brief notes or surface level conversations. I’ve realized that I actually really like my family, not just in the “meh, they’re my family” sort of way, and I hope it doesn’t take another decade to get us all together again.

There was a lot of laughter throughout the weekend, various prank phone calls to my uncle, a heated game of Taboo (funny how “croquet” can be confused with “crocodile”…), family trivia, many open discussions and descriptions of our bodily functions – which is normal when you get my sisters and cousins together, but was probably aided by the fact that a lot of us got some sort of stomach bug – and plenty of old pictures to share with each other.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that this is the first time I’ve met my ten year old second-cousin

and that I called Ian and Gracie, my niece and nephew, Ethan and Lucy. Thankfully, they sound similar enough I don’t think anyone caught it, but it definitely drove home that I don’t spend enough time with my family. To be fair, Ian is about the same size and has the same haircut as Ethan, and Gracie definitely has a Lucy vibe going.

Overall, coming back home I’m both tired and rejuvenated, and very thankful for the family I have.

I was disappointed that Alex was unable to come, since a couple members of his immediate family were in a car accident the night before we left and he went down to southern California to be with them in the hospital. They’re okay, but the stress in that house is running pretty high.