But you’re supposed to be resting!

This was my first day off in a week, my third day off in two weeks. While most people try to convince me it’s nice with “Hey! But your paycheck will be good!” my common retort is, “But no amount of money will buy me my summer back.” I’m finding that I truly would rather work less and then just spend less; when I have more money, I usually end up just spending more money.

I am sick, and have been since Thursday. I am fairly grumpy. I slept a lot today.

This afternoon, Daniel came in to the common room to find me busy in the kitchen. Exasperated, since he’d already explained that probably the reason I’ve been sick for so long is because I haven’t taken a break, he said “What are you doing? You’re supposed to be resting!”

At which point I called back gleefully, “I’m makin’ cheese!”

On my last paycheck I managed to not spend 90% percent of it, so I split it in half and used one half to pay off a chunk of my iPhone before the payment is even due, and the other to start picking up stuff I’d need for my homemade Christmas presents. I decided to focus on only buying the online portion of stuff and leave the thrift store items for when I have more time, and I ended up with a good chunk of money left over.

(Yes, I realize the irony of not spending the paycheck only to, as a reward, spend it. But I don’t like having big bills looming, so using it wisely eases my mind)

I’ve been thinking about cheese making for awhile, so I decided to go ahead a pick up a kit with some of the excess. Not a bad deal, enough stuff for 30 batches (minus the milk) for about $1/batch.

So I grabbed a gallon of milk, popped open the kit, and I made cheese.

Every time the cheese moved forward a step I got super excited. Cheese making isn’t something I am at all familiar with, but somehow it turned out alright.

Well, unless everyone was being nice for the sake of my self esteem, since I still can neither taste nor smell. But I’ll have faith that they don’t think I’m that delicate.

The whole process only took about an hour, though I made a mess of the kitchen making some crackers to go with it and some not-really ice cream out of creamed frozen bananas with chocolate and sugar, and strawberries on the side (and still working off the opinions of my trusty taste tester).

I had a biiiiiiig bowl of whey after the cheese was done. Wow! I kept just a little for some added protein in shakes and breads, but there’s no way I could use that much.

When the kitchen was clean (thanks mostly to Daniel) and the goodies all set, I sliced up the cheese to put with the crackers, and with arms full of food headed over.

(The goodness rolled up with the cheese is parsley, basil from our CSA, and tomatoes from our garden)

I played with Joshua’s kids, had good conversations, and meditated on compassion, self-acceptance, and being fulfilled and rested before being able to go out into the world and help others.

Today was good 🙂


Oh! I almost forgot! From now on, to see my Public Humiliation Diet weigh ins, there’s a link in the sidebar. Makes for less lengthy blog posts, which I bet you’ll appreciate.

I’ve also added in my “True Weight” (you can see the description in the weigh in post). My weigh in today brings me to just shy of the ten pound weight loss mark. Whoo! My True Weight is a little bit higher, but I’m okay celebrating now. I like milestones 🙂

Updated my original post as well to reflect more accurately what I’m doing; I don’t know if I’ll ever fully be rid of soda from my diet, but I can make it a rarity instead of a staple. I’m also fairly sure that a huge amount of my weight loss has been from paring down my serving sizes, so I added that in as well.


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