I’m Freeeeeee!

As of last Thursday night at 10:40 pm, I am no longer an employee of Baskin Robbins.

Part of the happiness that comes with this vocational shift is that I’m not just moving into another food service, or even retail, job. In fact, with only a year left before student teaching, there’s a pretty decent chance that I may not have to work in food service again.

It was also helpful that on my last night I was visited by several friends, with varying degrees of how much embarrassment they were trying to inflict.

As an added bonus, I’ve been saving up my tips for several months, and now I get to cash them all in, with a little taken out for a pre-semester haircut and buying a sewing machine off a coworker (mine is starting to show its age).

Right after my last night, I ran off to visit Ruth with my parents, with Esther and Nelson coming over as well. It was… a long weekend.

Ruth’s office has a big green wall where she’s insisted that mom and the rest of the sisters all paint a flower, and we forgot to have me do it last time I was around, so I had to fulfill my familial duty.

Before Esther got there, the textile-inclined of us went to a huge fabric outlet store. It was a little overwhelming, and I realized what I newb I am to sewing. I finally settled on a brown, wrinkly fabric for a simple fluttery shirt I’ll be making (no sleeves! I’m not that brave yet), and a nice turquoise knit for a cardigan.

Ruth gave me my wrapped birthday present, which I’m hugely tempted to open, even though I think I already know what it is; it feels definitively book shaped, and there’s only one book I asked for. But, knowing Ruthie, it may be something completely different. Who knows? 🙂

I’ve got some Dr. Who episodes to catch up on with Alannah, house sitting, and a bit of work this week, but without those gaping five and eight hour shifts that seemed to suck up my days, my last week of freedom seems uncannily open.

All that’s left before school is to adjust my sleep schedule back to 6 am mornings (bah humbug) and hope my books get here in time.

I’m sad to see summer coming to a close, but I guess all good things must come to an end and at least this semester isn’t too crazy. The Type A in me is annoyed I didn’t get more done, though I’m more inclined to be thankful for the break from school and getting to be more involved around here.


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  1. NonCharon
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 19:46:16

    Who tried to embarrass you? What kind of philistine would do such a thing?


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