Monday draws ever nearer

It’s been a long week. Last weekend was another family get together, which meant lots of food and very little sleep.

Maybe it’s my old age, I just can’t do what I used to be able to… 🙂 I’ve finally hit the big two-oh, and am officially no longer a teenager, thank you very much! Birthday shenanigans were spread out over Wednesday, Thursday (my actual birthday) and Friday, and overall it was pretty laid back and relaxed. After last year’s big stressful party and next year, well, I’ll be legal to drink, a year off is perfectly fine with me!

I’ve found that over the years I’ve grown from my birthday being a really selfish day, composed mostly with my concern for getting lots and lots of presents and getting to do everything I wanted all day, to a much more thoughtful and thankful time.

I’m glad to have Daniel back, though I haven’t gotten to see him much since I’ve been housesitting this week.

I enjoy finding awesome little shops around town, gems buried in the monotonous sands of this small backwoods town, and getting to know and befriend their creative and brilliant owners.

I’m happy to report a surge in my creativity, including learning my first piano song in a decade. I’d hoped to have it learned by my birthday but didn’t quite make it. This was recorded this morning, and though it isn’t perfect, I dare say it’s not bad.

I’ve even picked my paintbrushes back up and made a triad of paintings for our common room. I wish I’d taken a close up of the background for the leaf- I smudged together purples, blues, and greens to get that effect, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. But I am kind of a color nut 🙂

I now former coworker sold me her sewing machine at probably 10% of what she paid for it, which is fantastic since mine was starting to wear out, and I’m cutting out the pattern for my first dress; it’s nice to have a fully functional machine when trying something new.

I’m even replenishing my homemade gift bow supply, since I have a few magazines laying around that just beg to be made into something pretty.

I truly am thankful for all that creativity, if a bit annoyed that it’s mainly popped up in the last week before school starts. Argh.

Speaking of which, I am incredibly, incredibly glad that our library has tons of Terry Pratchett books. He is by far my all time favorite author, and my towering stack of his books makes me smile everytime I see it; if I’m going to have to do all that homework and mandatory reading, I really ought to have some fun reading in store too.

I am such a reading nerd. Oh hey! I’m thankful my mom didn’t give up on me when I took ages to learn how to read. My life would be significantly less enjoyable if I hadn’t been instilled with a love of reading.

Though textbooks are a stretch even for me

But I think more than all of this, I am thankful to have family, friends, and friends-that-are-like-family that are there for me, tell silly stories about me, come in to visit me on my last day of work, congratulate me for losing weight then make me keep the entire huge (and delicious!) chocolate cake they made for my birthday, play Wii sports with me for hours because we’re both too competitive to give up, and let me pretend I have a cat for a week.


Yes, I have my fair share of “friends” where every time we talk it’s all “oh-em-gee I love you! Miss you sooooo much!” but never return my calls/facebook messages/emails/texts/etc or consistently flake on me whenever we arrange to hang out. And as frustrating as those relationships are, I think it makes me appreciate the solid ones I have that much more.

I’ve slowly become more and more of a believer in the power and importance of community, specifically that which is created by deep and meaningful friendships, so it makes me extra happy to have that in my life.

So here’s to you, all of you, you know who you are. Thank you for making my birthday wonderful, and my life in general better.

P.S. If you’re interested in a social experiment on community, try checking out Dan 3.0. The whole thing seems really goofy at first, especially with the commercials and whatnot, but the more I’ve watched and paid attention the more I’ve been intrigued by the whole thing. A prominent vlogger opening up and not only involving his own community in his life, but sharing beyond the charismatic, bubbly persona that he’s previously put out there, even going as far to show himself melting down (I certainly wouldn’t have the courage to do that!).

Between some of the things he’s said, some of the commentary from his network of fellow vloggers, and just experience of being his age, it’s pretty clear that he really doesn’t know what to do with his life. But instead of getting depressed or apathetic, he’s turned to his viewers and asked for help, firmly believing that the quarter million of them together probably know more than he does on his own (and with the hope that 4chan doesn’t get word of what he’s doing).

He’s even admitted genuinely not knowing how to cook, and put his meal plan in other people’s hands. It makes me think about how we all have those things, those little weaknesses we hide and don’t really want to admit, and I wonder what it would be like if we admitted them and helped each other. Though that may just be me being idealistic, I am still young after all!

Anyway, rambling done, I need to get some sleep.


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