Geek Gear

So, let me tell you what I had intended for this week.

A friend of mine asked me to make her and a friend some Hogwarts robes for their Halloween costume. I found a nice, easy pattern online and we set up the date for tomorrow, but her friend had to cancel at the last minute. I’d intended to also knit both of them Gryffindor scarves to go with their outfits, but I’ve only got one of them about 3/4 of the way done.

Tonight is D&D night (whoooo!) so I broke out the wizard hat project and tried to get it knitted up for our DM. It’s almost there, but it’s a little tricky to tell, and I won’t have time to felt it. Speaking of which, I threw his dice bag in the laundry to felt since I’d kinda sorta forgetten about it for awhile. It’s getting there, but verrrrrry slowly – and I am suddenly very glad I decided not to felt it by hand, yipes! Too bad about both of those, it seems like the best way to avoid death is to bribe the guy who controls the monsters 🙂

I’m zero for four this week. I’m not even going to try to stretch this into it somehow being my difficult thing for the week by having to learn to be patient/not do as well as I want/etc. I’ve decided to be happy with having very little homework this weekend and getting my part of our D&D dinner done with on time, and go enjoy my evening.


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