Where does all the time go?

That seems to be the question so often now. Where did the summer go? Where did my weekend go? Or even just where in the world my day went. Last week Joshua emailed me a study that showed that the average TV consumption in the U.S. is five hours a day.

Five. Hours. Even if not all in one sitting, wow! The fall shows are just starting up, so I don’t watch a whole lot of TV – and certainly not five hours a day – but I had a sinking suspicion that if I added up all of my time in front of a screen – my phone and laptop – it would probably come close.

This week, I decided to test that out. I didn’t just track tech time either, I had a couple different categories I tracked. A couple fun facts:

  • I spent 6 hours in class and 3 hours on mass transit (it would’ve been 8.5 and 4.25 respectively, but I played hooky on Friday)
  • I averaged about 2 hours of technology a day.
  • I spent just over two hours walking with a destination in mind (school, placement, work, bus stop, etc).
  • Both my school placement and creative time came out to approximately 5 hours.
  • And I slept an average of 7.5 hours a night.

That’s actually…not bad. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised, but most of that seems fairly normal and healthy. I should probably get some more exercise in there (note the lack of walking without a destination in mind), but other than that I feel pretty good about it all.

It’s also helped that I’ve started getting into a new sleep rhythm of going to bed early and getting up early. I’ve

realized that I don’t often get a whole lot done whenever I’m done with class and placement, and usually just come home and zone out.

When I do get stuff done, it’s usually in the morning when I’m bright eyed and ready and haven’t had the chance to have all the energy knocked out of me yet. So while I feel a little embarrassed for going to bed so early, overall I feel much, much better.

Besides, I knit. I really ought to be used to being called an old woman by now!

Other than that, everything is going about as well as to be expected in the middle of the semester.

I’d been getting all cocky, feeling confident and awesome for moving on so quickly after Alex and not being a big blubbering mess.

And then, this morning I logged on to Facebook to discover that my very recently ex-boyfriend is in a new relationship. And the Big Strong Rachel mask cracked to reveal a tiny, whimpering Rachel saying “What? WHAT? B-b-b-ut whaaat?”

So I was grumpy and moody all day, devouring comfort food and not playing nice with the other kids. But I’ll tell you what, there is something magical that happens at our Sunday meals. If I had just been alone all day I don’t think I would’ve snapped out of my funk, but there’s something about being with other people that I’m so close to, especially people at all different stages of life, that reminds me that this moment is just a dot on the timeline of my life.

Life goes on, it doesn’t freeze in this moment. And it’s okay to be hurt or angry or even self-doubting, but that shouldn’t consume every bit of me. And I’m reminded again how much I value this life.

And on that note, a few snapshots of this week in no particular order:

Fall's finally coming!

Quick little fun fact for you – did you know that leaves always have red in them? They have a lot of green in them so that they can absorb and use red wavelengths, and a little bit of red chlorophyll so that it can absorb and use green wavelengths. We start seeing red in leaves when the tree recognizes that they won’t be getting much sunlight anymore and the green chlorophyll dies away. Okay, sorry, nerd moment over.

D&D game night!


On left, pictures of dead fetuses. On right, "My body, my choice" sign. Nothing like running the pro-life/pro-choice shouting gauntlet to get to class...


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