Simplicity and Senior Reflections

So, confession time.

As anyone who has lived with me for any length of time can attest, I…well…um…

I’m really messy.

I’ve gotten better about keeping some of our common areas clean, but my room has always been a sticking point.

Frankly, I’ve just always had too much stuff, much more than I need. But instead of dealing with that, I’ve tried to deal with the symptoms; clutter, messiness, and lots and lots of guilt.

With all of this in mind, I tweaked an idea I found recently. The main idea was to take a picture of everything you own, in order to evaluate what is really necessary and as an aid to de-cluttering.

I’m far too lazy for that, so instead I only took pictures of a few things.

I took pictures of all my various nice smelling girly things (perfume and lotion mainly) because those tend to be very tempting for me to pick up without thinking. My yarn stash got a picture as well because when I have to walk through the yarn section of the craft store all those warm, soft, bright yarns sing a siren song.

Finally, I snapped photos of my wardrobe. I’m finally pretty close to my goal weight and have given away a huge chunk of my clothes, meaning now I have to actually go out and replenish it. I’m not planning on getting much more, but, for instance, just today and yesterday I finally found two decent coats, a must-have for the winter coming up.

The clothing pictures were more practical for me, since having a visual reminder of what I already own when I go looking for new pieces makes it easier to make sure everything can mix and match, so that I can continue to have only the amount of clothing I really need.

But all that wasn’t really that big of a deal. The best part was that I finally went through my room and pared down my belongings by a lot. My room is cleaner than I think it has ever been, with lots and lots of open, clear space. The whole atmosphere is lighter and more open now.

And it’s even better because this will last a lot longer; it wasn’t just hiding all of my stuff away until I need to use it, I actually have much less random stuff that I don’t use.

Ahhh it’s wonderful.

And then, with my room cleaned and organized I trekked off to visit one of my sisters for most of the weekend. It’s nice to start feeling like my relationships with both my mom and several sisters are more like friendships and less like parent-child or older-younger sibling relationships.


As a small aside, while I’m admitting things anyway, can I tell you a secret? (well, I guess it won’t be a secret now)

I see the light at the end of my educational tunnel, but I have one nagging regret.

When I feel a little less practical and more optimistic, I really


wish I had gone to art school.

Not majoring in art at Chico State, but going to an actual, dedicated art school.

I don’t even know what I would’ve majored in (fashion design? illustration? photography? painting?) or what

I would do with that sort of degree, but the desire is definitely there.

Maybe it’s just a curiosity about whether I would’ve been able to do it, if I would be able to continue to stretch myself and keep up the creativity.

And don’t you dare suggest I go back to school for an art degree, I don’t even want to think about more school.


Some snapshots of this week:

I know not how to fix this. Maybe it's good I didn't try to get a degree in fashion design!

A couple of weeks ago I got to do a photoshoot for my sister and her significant other, and just delivered them last week. She wanted to be the first to see them, so now I can show a couple of my favorites:


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  1. D
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 08:50:23

    Wow! Awesome..a very new respect and understanding of blogs..especially
    when they come from heart and authenticity…You rock, girl!


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