All’s quiet

This is that lovely time between the insanity of the holidays and the new semester. We’ve got a friend staying with us for the month, and it’s been helpful to mix up our dynamics and have a fresh perspective. And, it seems like one or two more people gets us to just the right number to really do well as a group. Our last few meals together have been snapshots of what community life might look like, and I’ve been quite content within our group.

While I’ll be sad to see my last winter break disappear, it’ll be good to get me out and about again, since I’ve been mostly cloistered to finish up crafty and cleaning projects I’ve otherwise neglected over the last six months. Everything in balance; a season of relaxation before heading back to tie up the loose ends to my degree.

The main area I’ve been sifting through is my digital space, and it’s been like looking through a scrapbook of memories over the last couple of years. It stung just a little to find snippets of Alex, but it wasn’t bad; somehow only four months ago feels a lifetime away.

What was most interesting for me to sift through were my bookmarks, because this has been the landing pad for all of the things I thought would be really good to do but generally didn’t take any more action on than just bookmarking it. All those good intentions ended in nothing more than bookmark clogging… But it’s good for me to see where my imagination has wandered; it’s getting harder for me to map out my internal journey. Aside from starting a family, my only external markers of progress that remain are college graduation and 21st birthday, both of which will occur this year.

I’d hate to get out to the deep waters of adulthood and end up going in circles because I can’t see the stars to map where I am. I don’t quite know how to remedy that, but I may start letting up on my simplicity and purging of extra stuff; being reminded of those memories helps me track myself.

On a similar tack, I’ve been enjoying journalling again – real journaling, with a real pen and real paper (and doodles all over the place as I try to track down where I left my train of thought). As an extra bonus, because I no longer have the uncertainty of what grade level I might get a job in, I get to use cursive again! I can almost feel my hand un-cramping after trying to force myself to not use cursive for the last several years.

Speaking of which, I’d like to do some more before I go to bed. It’s quickly becoming a happy habit for me – don’t be jealous though, blog, I won’t leave you. Promise! =)


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