Back to school (again)

January has come to an end, and I’m back in school and at work. After a mostly quiet winter break, it’s refreshing to have a full schedule again. Everything in moderation – a season of rest to balance out a season of busy-ness.

It’s at this point that I generally have dropped all of my New Year’s resolutions to get through the grind, and here’s an update on how I’ve been doing.

Get in 30 minutes of cardio three times a week, and some other sort of exercise two to three other times throughout the week

Nope. Nowhere near. I actually started laughing when I read this because the failure has been so complete.

I’m not very good at motivating myself to exercise, particularly if I have to put any thought into it. As such, I’ve found a couple of classes at the university gym that fit into my schedule and I’ve committed to trying them out for the month of February.

If after that I don’t like one I give myself license to make a change, but I want at least a month to get past the initial awkwardness of trying something new and see if they work for me. I’ll be trying out spin (an entire hour of spin oh god I’m going to die O_O), zumba, and pilates.

If these do work out, this is only a temporary fix since in four months I’ll no longer be a student, but it should give me a good idea if classes are helpful for me. Once I graduate I’ll have to work out (pun intended) whether it’s worth it to join the gym that a few minutes’ walking distance away, which is about $600/year.

Surprisingly, my local gym actually has a wider variety and schedule options for classes than the cushy college gym, but we’ll see – having all that doesn’t actually do me any good if I don’t use it!

Fill up one, if not both, of my new journals

This one’s going pretty nicely, and I’ve been filling up about 2-3 pages a week. I thought I probably wouldn’t have a whole lot to write about and would just doodle mundanely, but I’ve written a pretty decent amount considering that my blogging is, at most, once every two weeks or so.

That’s a snapshot of my ViHart inspired winter break to do list. The first item on the list? “Stop pining away like a freaking teenage girl.” Oh man, I’m awesome. (And yes, it’s checked off thank you very much) Continuing the awesome-ness, near the bottom is “finish Bible story book for the kids”, which was supposed to be their Christmas present. It’s still not done. I can’t find any good clipart to use for Job, and it’s got me stuck.

Eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day

I’m definitely not anywhere near this goal yet. But! At the start of the month I was averaging about 1 – 1.5 servings a day, and I’m now hovering around 2. A small change, yes, but it’s an improvement. I think I’ll work toward an average of 3 this month, which gives me an easy rule of thumb for one fruit or veggie at each meal.

Organizationally, digitize my information as is feasible and hang my clothes up the same day that I do laundry

The digitizing is done at this point, and I have a stack of books waiting to be sold; some will go to Amazon for store credit, a few will go to some smaller book retailers, and the remaining ones that can’t be sold will be sent to a literacy group. I’m trying to do only one box per retailer, so the books going to the same place as my textbooks from this semester will have to wait, but everything else can be sent off as soon as I have some boxes.

It feels good to already have a resolution mostly done! My clothes hanging is still iffy, but whereas at the beginning of the year I was only putting my laundry away at about the time I was washing the next load a week later, now I’ve got it hung up by about 2 days after laundry. Still not where I want to be, but again it’s at least an improvement.

Top off my wardrobe and then stop worrying about it

It’s been a bit tight financially with buying textbooks, cleaning up a mistake I made on my taxes a few years back, Christmas consumerism and saving up to get my car looked at, so realistically I probably won’t start working on this until about the middle of the year.

Get my money’s worth out of my sewing machine (if possible)

I have yet to do anything with my sewing machine. As I was writing this I went to put a scrap of fabric through to see if it got shredded up, only to realize that my bobbin is out of thread. I’ve got to get going to class so I don’t have time to fix that and try it out for real.

Speaking of which, I need to head out. I’ve got class to go to, a paper on inclusion to draft, and when I get home some butter chicken and naan to make for our meal tomorrow. Mmmmm.


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