The things that I love

(The first section is cross-posted from Sisterhood of Nerdfighteria, where I blog with four other college aged girls from around the world)

I love sitting inside wrapped in a blanket and drinking tea while it’s raining outside.

I love making something beautiful out of what someone else might have considered trash.

I love that time of year when the flower blossoms are just starting to come out, and there’s just a hint of hope that the world won’t be frozen forever.

Two words: rainbow toe-socks. While they clash with everything, the point isn’t for them to be seen; the point is that I know I’m wearing something bright and energetic and it is my own little secret.

As a knitter and a baker, I love the look of well done knitting and the smell of yeast.

As I get closer to my college graduation, I’ve really started to love being silly. I’ve been so focused on growing up and trying to appear older than I am that I forgot that it’s good to laugh and enjoy myself.

I love a good to-do list. I don’t always love doing the items on it, but there’s something fulfilling about feeling like everything I need to do is mapped out and organized – though life is rarely so clean cut and easily defined. Maybe that’s why I like it.I love the very beginning of a trip, when it is full of possibilities and I’m looking forward to it. And I look forward to my return home, when I’ve had a chance to recharge but suddenly find myself appreciating my surroundings much more after a little time away.


Speaking of trips, today’s my last day in the city for spring break. On Monday we wandered around Berkeley rummaging through a game shop and a bookstore. The day is a little bit of blur because I was nervous about meeting Adrian’s parents that night, but I think it went alright.

Yesterday was a relaxing day spent reading, knitting, and playing video games, which reminded me how boring I am by college standards. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. (It also reminded me how awful I am at shooter games). Today Adrian and I are meeting back up with the other couple to explore the neighborhood one of them grew up in and eat copious amounts of ice cream, and then it’s back home for me.

Back home to homework, and paperwork, and chores….

But it sure was good to get in a vacation.


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