The Ides of March

This month…. I don’t even know. It’s gone by fast, and there have been a lot of good things about it.

But I’ve spent very little of the last two weeks or so actually home, and I’m pretty worn out. I spent last week housesitting, and while the extra income is nice it’s amazing how much having a slightly longer commute and having to be home at certain times of day to take care of pets can throw everything off balance.

I’m also now sick with strep throat, and while I don’t mean to make this entire blog whiny: I don’t waaaaaaaanna be sick. The weather just turned nice, and I’m too grumpy about not being able to eat a whole lot and needing a constant influx of water to enjoy it.

I’ll be perfectly honest, with some of my resolutions I just straight up didn’t/couldn’t keep track, but for the ones that I did/could:

Get in 30 minutes of cardio three times a week, and some other sort of exercise two to three other times throughout the week

My goal for March was to continue going to my two classes, and I’ve been pretty good about keeping up with that, though I did miss one (not counting the ones over Spring Break because the gym just about shuts down during that period). I’m almost at the end of the time when I can use the gym for free, so my goal this month is to start finding other methods of exercise; which shouldn’t be too hard with the nice weather. Time for some nice evening walks, methinks!

Fill up one, if not both, of my new journals

Even in the midst of some of the craziness, I’ve found a few times to just sit and relax and let my mind wander. It really has been helpful, and while it doesn’t fill up my journals it helps with the root goal of that, which is to be reflective and not just reflexive. This month I should get back to writing, since it is better for my thought process (though much more time intensive).

Top off my wardrobe and then stop worrying about it

I’ve started swapping out or removing some of the clothes that I either no longer wear or don’t fit properly, keeping my eye out for items that I need to replace. It’s kinda cool to realize that my clothes are continuing to get too loose.

Get my money’s worth out of my sewing machine (if possible)

I haven’t done this at all. I finished ripping the seam out of my new shirt, but it’s still sitting by my poor, lonely machine. I’m just gonna be simple and clear with this one: finish the goddamn shirt (excuse my French) Can you tell I’m a bit grumpy?