Oh hey there

Yea, it’s been awhile. I know. All that finishing up the semester stuff’s had me a bit busy and…

Wait. This is the last time I will ever be able to use this excuse. This is kind of monumental.

*ahem* I was busy with school.

Eeek! I will never again get to whine about midterms/finals/bad professors/lots of homework… as freeing as it sounds, and as much as I complained about all that, it was comfortable. I knew the rhythm.

I have a nagging fear that with the free time I will soon be in possession of, I won’t do anything of great use. I like to think that I’m reasonably somewhat kind of responsible, but I also realize that the cycle of semesters and breaks has gotten me into the habit of alternating between seasons of hard work and seasons of extreme rest, and I don’t really know how to exist somewhere in between.

For example, today I worked out at the gym for a couple of hours (hey! I have a gym membership! I’m an Adult!), took an accidental nap, and have spent the remainder of my day goofing off on the web, reading a Terry Pratchett book, and watching Joshua try to get iWeb to work so I can publish the updated Abbey website.

That’s not a whole lot done in the course of a day. And I’ve now been robbed of the “but I’m just a punk college kid” routine. Damn.

Well. I graduate on Saturday – I guess I’ll need to change the name of the blog – head to Ashland next week for a couple of days, and start training for my new job next Friday.

It’s probably too early to be hard on myself for goofing off, and I think I’m going to do my best to enjoy the next week before I have to enter the Real World. Also, it can’t hurt to be a little more relaxed before I meet Adrian’s siblings and he meets my parents at post-graduation festivities. Yes, a little relaxation couldn’t hurt one bit… (my mind may need the rest to be able to divert the conversation if/when my Christian parents start questioning the opinionated atheist boyfriend about religion. Crapnoid.)


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